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need 2d animation short movie

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need 2d animation short movie

I want you to create an short 2d animation movie(around 1 minute)that will be used as a pilot for  feature film/ tv Series (with characters speech and music if necessary)I will give you the script!

Later(with your corporation) I would like to offer my completed script to an  producer/director

(this script is also good for for : cartoons/ comics/ web series/ graphic novel/video games).

my budget is only 1500$

***My artistic direction is a combination of the 2 unique animations

#1.hold the line by sem assnik(text in hollandaise and titles in English)very..very……funny movie!!!!

#2. The Backwater Gospel(the undertaker) very..very……artistic and special  movie!!!!

How many days you need to create the 2d animation from the start to the end. 

Is there any different in the price and in the work time between black and white or color animation???


1.the characters in the story are: bizarre, loony, creepy, and sinister

2.I'm a privet person, not a company that full with resources and budgets!(I'm taking care of my 3 small kids and  work for small salary).

3. Need to see your  2d movie animation samples(spicily your show reel with the characters  monologues/dialogues)!

Thank you

itzhak,from Israel.