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Need to Interview an Animator (Independant or in the Industry) for a Homework Assignment!

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Need to Interview an Animator (Independant or in the Industry) for a Homework Assignment!


I am a sophmore currently enrolled in the Academy of Art University - San Francisco.
My major is 2D Animation and I plan to be an independant animator who does commissions for other people and businesses.
My homework assignment is to interview someone. It does not need to be in person, nor by phone, nor by video chat. All one has to do is answer the questions here.

I have tried contacting at least 5 animators the past two weeks but none have replied and I must turn in my homework on Monday. I tried contacting instructors, people in the insudtry, and people who work independantly.
I found out about this website because my instructor told my class to search for a guild or association related to our careers. Therefore, I found AWN! I look forward to meeting new people here and making contacts.

In other words, it would really make me happy if someone helped me out!
You do not have to be a famous or extremely successful animator.

If you worked in a small project, had small insutry experience, or simply made a web animation, it's all good!

I will use your answers in the most approproate and academic way. This will also help me out since I am a Animation student!
Feel free to answer how you wish.

Here are the questions:

1. In your perspective, what is art?

2. What made you want to do art?

3. Who were your inspirations?

4. Tell me an artist that you think may not be well known that you wish to promote and why (Ex: Don't Say Leonardo Da Vinci, Norman Rockwell, Disney, Miyazaki, etc)(You can also include more than one if you want).

5. Have you ever felt intimidated by your art peers in school or work? Or perhaps intimidated by artist who are well known? What did you do to boost your self-esteem?

6. Have you ever felt like your career has not been taken in consideration as respected and professional by being asked things like "You must like art a lot to the point that you draw everyday. You think you can draw me something for free? It shouldn't hurt you since you enjoy it." or "You enjoy art so much, that you don't mind how much you are paid since art is your life and you respect it right?" If you have, what did you feel and what have you done? Do you feel it is correct for people to ask those types of questions?

7. Do you feel like the word art is used too freely to categorize what is truly art? For example, The Art Of Martial Arts, The Art of Tea Making, The Art of Folding Clothes, The Art of Dance, The Art of Music Composing, etc. Or do you feel like art forms should bud however it flows?

8. Are you an independent artist who works on personal things/ makes commissions for other people, or do you work at a certain industry. If you work in an industry, what is it?

9. What is your personal philosophy?

10. Do you like to follow the rules of art, or do you like to break them?

11. Do you like to make controversy with your art or do you like to play it safe?

12. What do you think of art from other countries? Which country's art do you like the best?

13. If you could choose, where would you like to study to improve your art?

14. What kind of artist are you? Feel free to write what you want in this one. What you enjoy to draw, how you draw, how you work, etc.

15. In this question, I will let you vent or complain about something that bothers you about art. It can be about anything. It could be the perception of beauty, what techniques you hate, or how art is being used, or what type of art form is popular.

16. If you could give advice to a young artist or someone who is at the edge of quitting art, what would you say?