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2014 iAniMagic Animation Contest now on AniZone

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2014 iAniMagic Animation Contest now on AniZone

Original post on Kdan Blog.

It’s official–iAniMagic 2014 kicked off on August 21st! If you are interested in winning a MacBook Air, grab your iPad and get drawing. Before you start, don’t forget to view the submission guideline on AniZone.

The main platform for iAniMagic 2014 is AniZone, a community where you can gain exposure and repute as an animator. Register now and start to build your own animation portfolio! As we will contact iAniMagic winners via their registered emails, please sign-up with an active email address. Check out the “About” section to learn more about AniZone.

We were blown away by the fantastic works submitted to iAniMagic in 2013, as well as by the range of participants—entrants included professional and amateur animators of all ages, with a teenager finishing in third place. Needless to say, the quality of last year’s competition has us very excited about iAniMagic 2014. Download Animation Desk v3.0.1 and submit your animations for the chance to be our next winner!

Special thanks to Adonit, AnimApp, GO INTO THE STORY, Thanetnetwork, and Wonky Film, whose partnership makes iAniMagic a better event for us all.

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Kdan Mobile

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Deadline Extension


Dear Fellow Animators,

To make sure everyone has enough time to complete their animations, the deadline will be extended until 2014/11/12. Happy animating!

Learn more about iAniMagic.


Best Regards,

Kdan Mobile​



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