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Hi all!

I am a traditionally trained senior animator with more than 10 years in the animation industry. I've been working with Flash for 7 years in Toronto. I've been away from the industry since 2011 taking care of my 3 daughters and will be going back to work within the next few years.

I've been recently thinking on switching to story-boarding. I've been doing some research and asked some of my former colleagues to try to figure whether this could be the right job for me. My idea is to work freelance, from home.

- Is it possible to work from home? I've noticed that in animation the studios ask animators to work in-house and this is not an option for me right now.

- Is there as much work in story-boarding as there is in animation?

- I would really like to pursue this new challenge but I have to be realistic, I have 3 young daughters. In your opinion, do you think with my current lifestyle I can still work as a story-board artist?

-I haven't been drawing much in the past years, I know I have the talent but will need to improve my drawing skills. I have a couple of years before I'm able to work full time so training is an option. Is there an on-line course I could do to improve my drawing skills?

Thanks a lot in advance!!

If you know the basic

If you know the basic fundementals of drawing then the best way to regain your skill and get better is just to draw daily. Even if it is bad, or you cant find the "inspiration" just draw, remeber you are not trying to make muesem quilty art, you are just practicing to get better. Even though I havent worked to extensivly in the animation field(still a student), from the job shadowing I have done it looks like the work quantity for animators and storyboard artists is fairly the same. As for working at home one of my friends is a storyboard artist who used to work at home before he relocated and starting working in-studio. He says that he likes working in studio better, and keep in mind this is at a fairly medium sized studio. He may be a rare exeption though, not sure how often this happens.