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End Of Summer

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End Of Summer

Summer is ending and fall is on its way. What kind of arty stuff have all of you been up to this summer and how about dropping a line or two about your plans for this fall.

I worked out my computer issues these past few months and I am currently learning how to work with "LightWave 3D". That is also what I will be doing for the next few months and I will be learning with the help of a video tutorial. So far this tutorial has shown its self to be well produced.

The instructor is Dan Ablan and I think it is from 3DGarage. It is not hard to find if you are interested.

I actually just discovered 3D

I actually just discovered 3D Animation in Maya this past summer, so I have been learning a lot, reading new books, and teaching myself how to draw well!

There is a lot of support for

There is a lot of support for Maya, you should not have any big problems learning it. Be sure to check out YouTube, there are some free tutorials by people who know the software.

I actually just started

I actually just started animating this summer! Got my first graphics tablet about a month ago and have just been practicing with some short simple animations in Pencil and Photoshop! 

So far just sticking to 2D animation, I really enjoy the traditional 2D animation style. 

Also launched, which is a video community just for animated films and shorts!

It's been a good summer! Going to continue animating through the fall!

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