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Animation CV/Resume Queries

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Animation CV/Resume Queries

Hey, just a few questions regarding CVs/resumes for animation related jobs. 

Because animation is a different field to let's say law, etc can my CV or resume be structured in a different or creative unique style, something like this? Or would the employer just look and laugh at it.

Also, can somebody check out my CV and tell me if anything is missing, is this possible as well? Is there a specific section for this in the forum? 

Any other tips or tricks regarding animation related resumes or cvs would be nice. 


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Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction

Yes it can.

Yes, in the animation field, it is ok to be creative with the resume, the school I attended encouraged it.

Good question. In fact, it is

Good question. In fact, it is important for you to describe your skills in a conscious way, with a beautiful structure, and without a water, I use There are many expert bits of advice for a beautiful view of CV and cover letter. I can write all important your hard skills and soft skills as like your unique characteristics. Also, read a different kind of animation related job offers for more understanding. 

#Personally i used cv

Personally i used cv buliders online to create resume when i was applying .I am studing for graphic design at university so adding visual effects into resume is acceptable. this one is commonly used by our students cv templates, maybe it will come in handy 

Thank you for sharing these

Thank you for sharing these CV examples. As a recruiter I would say that you should not rely on some programs. You must look for the companies that focus on hiring right candidates.

What do you mean? Sounds a

What do you mean? Sounds a little vague. Hiring the right candidates is impossible if you don't do mass hiring or executive hiring as another option. For both you can use as if you ask me, I would say that hiring right candidates starts from making right recruitment package.