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Starting a YouTube show

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Starting a YouTube show

Hey, iv got me and my team working on a upcoming YouTube show. Its a 3D animated dark humor show, and we already got most of what we need, we just need a few more attributes before we get started. And they are below. If anyone feels like they can fill this role unpaid, your welcome to continue down to the How To Apply section and contact me.

The roles to be filled:

3D Modeler (1)

The role of the 3D modeler is to create all 3D objects including buildings, foliage, and any other 3D elements that will be seen, or interacted with in some way during an episode, and overall production. These items are normally consistent.

Examples: rocks, trees, benches, windows, buildings, weapons, boxes, vehicles, and so on.

3D Character Modeler (1)

This role may be the same vacancy as the initial 3D modeler, however the role of the 3D Character modeler is only specific to the characters of the show -- actually creating the physical character, and their clothes and any other attributes of their person that make up them, give their personality, or may be an accessory to them.

Their outfit is normally consistently the same.

Example: clothes, uniforms/outfits, hats, hairs and hairstyles, chains and jewelry, and so on.

3D Character Vocal Animator (2)

The role of the character voice animator is to line and sync the characters visible speech to the voice actors audio clip(s), as closely and seamlessly as possible.

The characters only speak English, with very little accents.

Example: when a character swears, when a character speaks, how they say it may affect their mouth/lip movement.

3D Animator(2)

The role of the 3D animator is to animate all actions that happen between characters, and the environment, including controllable, and uncontrollable actions, such as winds, hair/clothes blowing in the breeze, snow, objects bending and twisting, stepping in snow/leaving footprints then fading away, etc.

Most of the general animations such as running, walking, talking, facial expressions, etc, are consistently the same throughout episodes.

Example: Characters facial expressions, characters movements, objects movements, environments movements, and so on.

3D Interior Designer (1)

The role of the interior designer is to build all the insides of all the possible enterable rooms throughout the world the characters live in.

Generally, the layout of most of the inside of common locations never change from episode to episode (unless they intentionally mess up the rooms layout).

Example: Inside of the bank, main office/employment building, characters living houses, the bar, and so on

3D World/Level Developer (1)

The role of the world developer is to build the physical landscape of the world the characters live in.

This landscape rarely ever changes between episodes. There may be some episodes where the ground rips open or an earthquake or something of such that may destroy or alter the physical landscape of one area, but normally, the landscape is never changed drasically.

Example: The ground, cities, hangout areas, buildings, and so on

2D Artist (1)

The role of the 2D artist is to only cover drawing any images for the intro and credits of the show, including assisting with logo designs for the show itself, and seen inside of episodes, light backgrounds that will later be used for the website and social media, and the 2D overview map layout, used as the blueprints for modeling the real thing.

Most of these arts are consistent and never change.

Example: 2D overview map layout/2D map/world blueprints, show logo, intro images of characters, end credits images of random objects (weapons, rocks, trees, characters, etc), dark backgrounds of ammo and weapons, and so on.

All of these roles are UNPAID, and you will be assisted throughout the process, given descriptions on what needs to be done, and what not, you will also have constant communication with every member of this production.

You must supply your own resources (IE: programs such as Blender, Maya, Photoshop, etc), though they may be able to be copied for you, it is not 100% it will work for you. Anything we use for production would be free to download or your own product, you probably paid for.

This post will be updated prior to roles filled.

How To Apply:

If your interested in joining the team, and feel you can fill any of the above roles, you can contact me by 1 of 2 ways:

1. Email your portfolio of any recent work youve done, and let me know your interested in the show production, and any questions you may have

2. Skype Dibbie1337, with a contact invitation message saying your interested in the show, maybe a link to any of your recent work, and we can talk about it, I can answer any questions you may have.

Skype is a better contact of me, though I do check my email very often.

Final Notes:

Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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You should look for people

You should look for people who use Blender, you might find one or two.