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StoneRage - Established IndieGame seeking animators / rigger

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StoneRage - Established IndieGame seeking animators / rigger

Hello there, we are Mountainwheel Games™, a small indie company which started 2011. We're based in Austria, but our team is scattered across the world and connected via forums and Skype to share and collaborate our work. Most of us have never met. Despite that, however, we've begun development on our first title, an online action game called StoneRage, that takes place in the prehistoric Pleistocene and Eocene eras; times massively ignored and untouched in gaming. Our goal is to complete StoneRage with as much innovative features and ideas as we possibly can to make it unique in every and any way we are able. Our current studio website is coming online soon:

Stone Rage™ is a Free-To-Play online third person multiplayer action game set within the Pleistocene and Eocene eras, featuring prehistoric tribalism, prehistoric landscapes and prehistoric animals. Players will take control of a single character of either a human class, neanderthal tribe or animal genus and wreak havoc in a survival-based game mode. As players win games and progress through achievements, options in weapon layout, upgrades and personalized character customization will be unlock, giving a large array of choices to those who do not wish to completely conform to a single archetype. Every character has a set of unique traits and abilities, as well as unlockables to modify their effects and tactical usage, ensuring that no two games will play the same, and no one player is by default more or less dangerous than another. Situation and opportunity play as much a part in winning a game as how well players use their character skills and environment to their advantage. Since tribal skirmishes and hunts take place across a wide stretch of land, players will encounter sprawling forests with prowling smilodon, vast plains with marching mammoth herds and gastornis scavenging the remains left behind by the prey of dire wolves.

About the game:
• Game Title: Stone Rage™
• Platform: PC
• Genre: Action and adventure
• Only multiplayer!
• Theme: Rural Survival
• Camera View: Third Person
• Engine: Unreal Engine 4 (prev. CE)
• Price: Free-To-Play (commercial)
• Company: Mountainwheel Games LLC
• Project Started: January 2011
• Compensation: Royalties, Milestone payment
• Team Communication: Skype, Email, Confluence, Jira
• File sharing: Tortoise Subversion (SVN)
• Highly Organized & Structured team!
Contact Email:

Team Structure (only lead departments):
• Project Lead: Marco Muellner
• Lead Programmer: Mats Leksell
• Lead UI: Emeric Tosi
• Lead SFX: Mael Vignaux
• Lead VFX: Patrick Doran
• Art Director: (recruiting)
• + 8 other team members[/list]

What we offer:
• Royalties (% from future revenues)
• Milestone-payment (kickstarter)
• Work from home!
• You get to decide when to work/not work
• Shown in credits on websites, in-game and more
• You'll be an integral part of a small, talented team of developers
• You'll have intrinsic design input, and creative say in the development of the game.

General Requirements:
From all the positions below you need the following general requirements to be part of the team.
• High interest in the game
• High interest in learning UnrealEngine4. It's amazingly easy to learn, and you won't need to pay the subscription yourself.
• Having time to actually work on this project. If you are too busy, and have too many projects going on, don't apply please!

Open Positions:

  • 2x Maya Animator
  • • Excellent experience with animation in Maya
    • Animate realistic human and animal characters
    • Portfolio / Demo Reel / Website to show
    • At least 12 hours per week available to work and chat via Skype
    • Long-term interest and availability (+2 months)
  • 1x Rigging Artist (Maya)
  • • Excellent Experience in fullbody Character/Animal rigging/skinning (realistic)
    • Portfolio / Demo Reel / Website to show
    • At least 10 hours per week available to work and chat via Skype
    • Long-term interest and availability (+2 months)

For more information and applications, do not hesitate to email me anytime.
Contact Email:
• IndieDB:
• Facebook Official:
• YouTube Official:
• Twitter Official:!/Mountainwheel
• Steam:

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Updated! Please apply here ->

Updated! Please apply here ->

Still searching !

Still searching !

Stil searching, please apply!

Stil searching, please apply! :)

Interested in either position

Dear Marco,

Despite still being new to the 3d modeling world, I sent you an email about either of the positions. 

My email is



Tamara Mancuso

Updated! Email us at -> marco

Updated! Email us at ->

Still searching! :)

Still searching! :)