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Recommendation for animation and vfx courses.

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Recommendation for animation and vfx courses.

Hi all,

I took a 3 month course at Crater studio's VFX training center in Belgrade and I just wanted to recommend it to anyone looking for courses. No matter what level you are at, I really recommend learning with Crater. They have everything, beginners course for those starting out to advanced courses for those needing a top-up or a specialist course. After the course they guarantee everyone a one month internship in their studio to solidify everything they learnt on the course and to get production experience. After the initial month they may extend the internship as they did with 4 of us who stayed on for an extended internship and have since then stayed on as part of the team. I don't think I can express how much I've learnt from the internship, from being with professionals, in a studio who answered all my questions, gave me tips and tricks and helped me whenever I got stuck. I would definitely recommend it. Not a lot of places will get you work-ready after your course is done. Also, a big plus is that the courses are cheaper than you'd find in America or the UK but the quality is just as great as I've also taken courses in the UK and not learnt half as much. I am honestly really impressed with the Crater training center.

Here is a link for anyone interested: