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Need a good advice regarding the animation job search in USA

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Need a good advice regarding the animation job search in USA

Hello, dear animators! Need your advice....

I am moving to USA with my husband and I really need some good advice regarding the search for a job there. I am a professional animator, illustrator and designer (you can see my works here). I studied in an arts and design academy and then in an animation college. My dream is to work in 2d animation and illustration. I'd prefer working with a professional team rather then working from home, because I'm afraid of being on my own without learning something from others first. I am trying to understand what does it takes to find a good job in those fields in USA. In which states I would have the best chances. What are the basic requirements for those fields. 

I know Flash and Photoshop and I am learning After Effects. Also I have great drawing skills.  Will that be enough?

I am really confused and not sure where to start the research about professional life in USA.

Also, if my husband will find a job in a city / state where there is no job in animation or illustration I might be locked at home doing freelance which scares me a lot.

Have a great day, guys! Really waiting for your opinions! --Natalie