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My 1st Animation

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My 1st Animation

This is my first animated project. I made it with Anime Studio Debut 7 because I'm cheap.

Any positive or negative feedback would be appreciated.

(There are a few "F" words, but not heaps).

I cant think of anything bad to say that was honest to god a decent animation you made there. I mean it was simplistic as f**k but it was pretty darn good.

I always say, in animation, you only ever need either a good script/story, or a great animation, your drawing and animation, meh, but the script/story, hilarious. Great job.

Thanks heaps man. I appreciate that.

The voice work is excellent.

Thanks mate. It was all kind of off the top of my head.

Pretty good animation,man!
And agree that the voice is excellent!

Thanks for the encouragement. All of yaz!:D