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WIP - Pokemon parody adventure show episode 1

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WIP - Pokemon parody adventure show episode 1


Now, dont go thinking, uhg, another cheap pokemon animation, dont do it!
Its not, well, at the moment it is cheap, i actually based the first episode entirely off that initial walk cycle, i was over at a friends house, thought it would be funny to draw ash walking like he appears to in game, on a more humanoid scale, we found it funny but others didnt quite get it, they didnt see the knees bending forwards where they shouldnt. Anyway, im working on a series, the world setting is more reminiscent of the game this episode up front being a parody of game logic as well as real world logic contradictions, and there is some things pulled from the series, which will fall through in episode 2, but overall, the series is going to be so far off from anything pokemon, you wouldnt even know if it werent for the characters.
ANyway, its essentially a pilot, im cutting it short because this much has taken me a year so far, because i got lazy and gave up, it became too hard, until i organized myself.

Im cutting it midway and ending it in the most random of ways, the characters are all randomly sprinkled by magic dust and become eccentric ichiya's (from fairy tale), i really want to put this up on youtube. After which time ill cut said alternate ending and follow through to completion. essentially right after it stops, is where i plan on ending it.

Anyway, heres a link to the video,
I update it regularly and eventually in the comming days will have the ending (website is also a WIP).

Now, this technically is my first actual proper animation, the first one i plan on following through, as well as actually having a promising plot and in general its the best thing ive ever made so far, i think.

Ide like some critique, im not telling you to like it, but ide like to know what you like and dislike about it, omitting anything regarding it being incomplete around where faces start to disappear of course.
To start with, i didnt really put much effort into it, i plan on doing some 10 point predrawn characters (at 10 different angles plus various poses ), in episode 2, no use making such a huge change mid episode, especially since pikachu's appearance change will be a joke in ep 2, going from crudely doodled to almost the same as in the anime)
ANyway, please let me know what you think, its far from finished and does need improvement.


might do
a different tree though
in episode 3 a potential villain is revealed at the end of the episode
the spacial rift that gives pikachu his powers also anthropamorphasizes the stick he was stabbed with
that stick then becomes a tree like figure resembling the tree
hell be uncuttable, and will stand in the way of ash and pikachu as the tree does in this ep
ash will pimp slap that cracka repetitively like pistachio disguisi style.

Also to any otheres, ive noticed theres a large amount of people viewing it, but nobody is commenting. please, i really do want critique, i cant improve without some honest critique, and ill admit i do like people enjoying my work, thats the point of it all, after all.

I liked the tree slapping. I reckon smack the tree around a bit more. More tree slaps!