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Looking for opinions on 2D 'hybrid' animation

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Looking for opinions on 2D 'hybrid' animation

Hi everyone.

I am a fourth year student at Edinburgh Napier University, and I’m specialising in 2D computer animation for my honours project. I was hoping to gather some opinions on the following concerning animation and the animation industry.

2D computer animation is commonplace within the industry today, with very little still being produced traditionally on paper. I am interested to know what you think of these changes, and if there may be room for both? What are your opinions on perhaps creating a ‘hybrid’ form of animation that implements the benefits of both? What effects would this have on the industry?

Any and all opinions are appreciated.
Thank you in advance!

When I think of "hybrid" I think of 2D and 3D combined in interesting ways like in Paperman or Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex. It sounds like you might be thinking more of mixing traditionally drawn with digital techniques like vector lines etc.?

You should also check 3D World and 3D Artist website forums, there could be some insight there.