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Aid needed for a murder most "fowl"

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Aid needed for a murder most "fowl"


A few buddies and I once wrote a play. That didn't get very far. Now we have decided to instead pursue the work as a short animated series. Unfortunately no one in our group has a clue how to animate a video. Def off to a good start.

A Little About the Project:

The animation we are looking for is a style similar to series like Charlie the Unicorn and Llamas with Hats. With that said, we would also be open to other style suggestions. We have a complete script ready to be story boarded and animated. There are several voice actors available, and we have already recorded part of the soundtrack. The piece is meant to be a slasher horror comedy that takes place in a small village in Eastern Bulgaria around the end of the Baroque period. The goal is to produce 4-5 videos approximately 4 minutes each.

The Animation Request of Epic Righteousness:

Our team is looking for help. This is an official invitation to anyone interested in the project. I'm more than happy to discuss details and answer any questions. Also, this is a nonpaying volunteer opportunity. This work is more for fun and experience, a passion to put creativity out there. If nothing else, advice on how to tackle the animation for the project would be most appreciated. Help us graffiti the web. Thanks for your time and consideration.

Spirk out.

The only tip you need right now is that no professional animator will produce designs and twenty minutes of storyboard and animation for you on a voluntary basis, no matter how simple. If you're really passionate, use part of that passion to raise a budget.