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2d flash want to know animation cost, need animators, freelancers

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2d flash want to know animation cost, need animators, freelancers

Hi everyone,

I want to produce 2d flash animation for TV, and dvd videos for sell on web sites. For TV it will be 20 min per episode, for dvd time is not constrain. Scripts are ready. Please give your input for the cost with breakdown like how much it will cost me for story boards, character design, animation, sound etc, per/sec or per/hr or whole project. And to work on this I need some freelancers or animation studio, If anyone want to work please reply to this or send email. Animation studios and freelancers from mumbai-pune region is preferable.

Thank you,

Hi Premnath,

Hi Premnath,

Good day!

You may want to check us out at

Animation Outsourced Studios is a full service Animation Studio and Marketing Agency that specialises in the production of high quality RSA and Cartoon Style Animated Explainer Videos, Demo Videos, Training Videos, Safety Videos, Stop Motion Animation and Custom Animation Projects.

Let's Get thing thing done! :)

Hi Premnath,

I am Selim from and to do what you have said will be negotiable and I need to know the more details of the whole video you would like to create such as what the videos will be about, is there any special purposes you want to put in the video (visual communication), or anything?

You can contct me at or add my Skype ID "selimpremium" let me know what you think :). Thank you.


Selim Abdillah