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Hi! I thought I could start a thread about my works here :D

so what do you guys think? :)

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Nice work! The cliff would chomp you to bits if you stood in its mouth, right? :D

The cliff was supposed to be shaped like a swallow head at first. But I got it wrong that day, things got out of hand. Still i continued making it.. :P

Another image post. Sorry if it's kinda blurry, I don't have a scanner :(

they are beautiful. you have great hands

Some more

I'll add some more today, this was from a few weeks back. Made some quick sketches in the office. LOL

Good thing I wasn't scolded. Heheh :D

As long as you make them look good, they would love it.

Thanks Wontobe. i will try my best :)

Another post!

I have been working on backgrounds a few months back and here's one I managed to work on. Colors are not mine, only the line work. :)

Really nice work! Love the lil pink guy with the Fro!