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Painting/inking on Acetate

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Painting/inking on Acetate

Hi everyone-

I wanted to ask you all about drawing on acetate paper. I want to make some "fan cels"--that is, replacing an anime frame in a cel format. What are the suggested inking pens/paints to outline and color acetate paper? I know you have to be careful since water-bases won't stick. I would like it to look something like this (style-wise)

Also, does anyone have experience with xeroxing or printing on acetate? I know some people xerox outlines--does anyone have a tutorial on how to do that? Can high-quality inkjet printers print on acetate?

Any general tips would be appreciated as well for a first time painter :) Any suggestions on how to keep the paint separate from the outline? (I'm planning on having both on the back side of the paper).

Thank you for any help!