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question about animation biz

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question about animation biz

hi im a high school junior and for a long while ive been really wanting to be a part of the animating world though i dont know if im going in the right direction. for the past two weeks ive been taking this summer life drawing class to learn about anatomy of men and women and i improved but im wondering what i should do next if i want to be a 3d animator.

heres my deviantart page so u can have an idea of where im at:


Wow ,super awesome .i even can't believe myself eyes ,your works is very attractive and success .and i believe as long as you keep more practice ,you will be able to achieve your 3 d dream.keep on doing ...:D

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Keep studying and practing.
Download Blender, its a free 3d software for characters and props.
Use that to get a feel for the modeling. You could also download a trail version of maya as well.

Also, don't wait to go to school to start animating! start now. If you need to get some books from amazon.

Animators survival kit is a good one as well as Illusion of life

I would say keep drawing


You have a good start... and you need alot more drawing if you want to achieve your goals. Keep drawing and drawing and drawing.

Forget about CG packages - you are not ready. Draw and draw and draw. I have been in the biz over 35 years and that is my advice.

The better you draw (from life) the more options you will have in terms of schools, opportunities and ultimately jobs.

Never heard an employer say, "Sorry, you draw too well".

Have a sketch book with you all the time. I still do....


thank u guys so much for youre feedback! yea im trying to do lots and lots of life drawing and now im even trying to draw celebrities to get a better hang of realistic life drawing. someone told me that before i go for drawing cartoons and character designing i should do life drawing, which makes sense.

i also wanted to know if learning the skeleton and muscles is really essential cause i find it kind of difficult to learn and remember it all.

Drawing is a good thing - draw from life


Try to draw from life- you will learn more quickly. Drawing from photos - the decisions are already made for you.

Any drawing is good - life drawing - short gesture poses are best.