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Advice Please

I'm Martin hello I'm of an age when I should be putting my feet up and sitting in a rocking chair by the fire.
BUT as I live in a wheelchair 24/7 and love to draw, paint and do cartoons I decided to use my time more productively and learn about animation.
As you can see I have a computer, now all I need is some advice about what software to use to animate my projects.
Any advice will be gratefully received, Thank you.
Oh and as I am in England please remember that I have to be careful with money as the state gives me very little to live on.

appreciate your courage a lot,and hope you could become a good animator in the future. As for software used for animation,you could try Maya with ZBush.

If you like to draw then you may want to consider 2D. I would recommend getting either flash or toonboom (both 2D animation programs) and a wacom tablet if you can afford it. They're are a lot of great books on flash animation on amazon that can help get you started, also the animators survival kit by richard williams is a must have book. Good luck!

I second the need for a good Wacom tablet. Even the simplest Bamboo, which is very affordable will serve you well. If you like to draw, I would highly recommend TVPaint, but one should not forget that there are plenty of free tools out there, even for 2D animation. It all depends on what you want to create.

If you have all your time to devote to your passion, your art, then you're in a greater position than most artists who travel this road. You will develop your skill rapidly and soon be seeing your visions run across the screen. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

Please help!!!

Hello all. we'll have to leave my love of animation for another conversation, for right now, i am in a dire situation.

I am taking a college course in Communications and am in need of an interview with an established animator by Monday, July 16th. When i say established, i mean that has done any work in any animation project that i can trace. whether your name be in the credits or you created it entirely on your own.
I prefer the interview be conducted over the phone, but e-mail is very much an option.

i doubt that my professor will call to check up on my source if that is a problem for you.

PLEASE. i am in desperate need of this grade.
Thank you for reading