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Color management

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Color management

Me and my friend are doing 2d animation. We are going to use adobe's photoshop, illustrator, after effects and maybe premiere. We paint most frames in photoshop.

We wanna output to web, hdtv and maybe cinema.

My question is: Which color profile we should use in production. Does some profile give us benefits when outputting at least to rec709, sRGB. Do we get some advantage if we use profile with wider gamut than sRGB. We are going to use standard computer screens.

And does it give any benefit to use 16bit/channel when we are going to add lighting and compositing in after effects.


AdobeRGB vs. sRGB

A good article AdobeRGB vs. sRGB:


"Color management" is a

"Color management" is a process where the color characteristics for every device in the imaging chain is known precisely and utilized in color reproduction.

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