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Lost Boys | School of VFX - Class 9 - X-23 Project Showcase

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Lost Boys | School of VFX - Class 9 - X-23 Project Showcase

Lost Boys | School of VFX - Class 9 - X-23 Project Showcase

Project Description - As our second challenge within our curriculum we choreographed and filmed a short sequence that involved our interpretation of Marvel's X-23 character. Essentially a female version of Wolverine, we explored integrating reflective CG blades into our actor's hands.

Behind the Scenes Timelapse

[i]A short behind the scenes time lapse shot by Andre Rios using his Go Pro camera.
Special thanks to Lost Boys Alumni Wen Wu for starring as X-23 as well as Andre Rios and Pedro Colmenares as the two thugs.[/i]

(To Be Con't)


Learning Outcomes - Our goal was to further develop the student’s ability to analyze and replicate real world phenomenon to a high level of photorealistic accuracy. This project covers a solid foundation of common VFX integration issues such as matchmoving CG to Actor movements, adding environment and actor interactive reflections to a CG object, matching practical lighting, interactive and/or contact shadows, track point paint out, digital make-up, and optical glows/glints.

Schedule - This project was completed over a three week period. In the first week we filmed and edited our background plates as well as created the 3D asset model. In week two we matchmoved, lit and composited our first version of the sequence. Finally in week three we focused on integration elements so that the blades felt appropriately blended with the actors flesh.

"This marked the first time in 7 years that I have deviated from my well known Telekinesis "Spoon" Project. One of my recent graduates, Kishor Joshi, completed a Wolverine VFX shot and I realized that it essentially covered the same challenges while at the same time allowed us to explore match moving and actor/CG integration to a deeper level. As a creative guy that teaches, it's always great to break the rules and try new things. I'm very happy with how Class 9 stepped up to the challenge and made work that we can all be proud of." - Mark Bénard | Founder & VFX Director

X-23 Mini-Sequence Edit - (Temp Sound)

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you are an amazing class! All the praise to you.......