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New animated series pilot - "A Dog Named Pussie"

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New animated series pilot - "A Dog Named Pussie"

Check out the pilot episode for the animated series called "A Dog Named Pussie". That's right, Pussie finally finds a home in South Beach, adopted by Sleazy Susie and the medicinal marijuana king, Dr. Jimmy Love. Join Chacho, Suzie's ex and his new partner Fuego, along with Havier and his huge cock, Gomez in this fun series for adults. Rated TV-MA.

Check out our youtube video at

Hello ,3KIB.
Great an animation. Look at your introduction, time to have to go and see, good thing is not to be missed.

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Awsome job, great concept!

I really like the website design too

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