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The Koti & Katli Show

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The Koti & Katli Show

Hi Animation Lovers,

Henceforth I am claiming this thread for posting new episodes of our animated webseries 'The Koti & Katli Show'. Here's the latest episode:

Follow the link below to watch the previous episodes:

The series is in Hindi, and makes fun of the latest Bollywood releases. Thanks for watching and I look forward for your comments and support.


Hello Forum,

Here's the link to the latest episode of 'The Koti & Katli Show'.
This episode is on 'Barfi'.

Watch the episode and please subscribe to our channel on You Tube.


That was cool, wish you had some close captions.

Hi Wontobe,

Thanks for your appreciation. I'll try and put captions in my videos in future. However since my videos have a very strong Indian context, I wonder if the jokes would be relevant to you.

I thanks you for watching my video neverthless. I have a non verbal show on my channel called 'What does your fish do when you are not at Home?' Do check it out. Here's the link to the playlist. Four episodes are up so far.

Keep Watching

Hello Animation Lovers,

My Web Series on Bollywood movies 'The Koti & Katli Show' is going strong. We have finished 17th episode on the upcoming movie called 'Son of Sardar'.

You can watch it here

Watch all the episodes here.

Check out our website for more funny, animated stuff.


Hello Animation Lovers,

Here's the latest episode of my Bollywood Web Series "The Koti & Katli Show"

This one is on song "Ishq waala Love" from the movie Student of the Year.

Check out for more funny stuff. Cheers!

Here's the latest episode from Koti & Katli Show. This one is inspired from the trailers of SRK's upcoming movie 'Jab Tak Hai Jaan'.

Check out the You Tube Channel:

Check out the website:

nice one Helter Skelter, I liked your ideas. :)

:) Phani Prasanna Kumar
My web site
My you tube channel

Interesting animation series.I should support for them.:D

Thanks Phanimations and foxrenderfarm,

Thanks a lot for watching and supporting 'Koti & Katli'. I'll be posting links for new episodes in this thread. Keep watching.


Hindi names for Hindi Films with English Names

Hello Animation lovers,

Koti & Katli are back with the latest episode. Koti thinks that Hindi films should have Hindi titles.

Look forward for your comments.