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HELP..What resolution to create my Flash animation in

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HELP..What resolution to create my Flash animation in

Thanks in advance for any replies, I am going to creating a short animated film in Flash and I was wondering if anyone knew what resoltuion would be best to work in. I want to output the finished product to DVD as well as put it up on the web, any advice?

thanks so much Cromartie, very helpful, u rock!

Thanks! Btw for outputting to YouTube (if anyone's curious) I've since found this helpful guide

480p:854x480 now my newest used format

YMMV but I've always worked in 720x486 for my YouTube page. Not sure about DVD output.

it is really awesome idea.but it is a severe challenge .Support you.Hope to see you after completing the work.

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

I was once told for tv animation, they animate at 720x540.

^That's it! That's what I used to make everything in from 2005-2009 (and it was Toonboom's default). I'm not sure when I made the switch to x480 (probably cause of 480p) but yep, that's it-thanks for the reminder.