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WANTED: Bangalore 2D Animators for a Short Film about a Sex Worker

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WANTED: Bangalore 2D Animators for a Short Film about a Sex Worker

I need to hire animators based in Bangalore who can develop a 10-15 minute black/white 2D animation. The story is based on the true story a immigrant Latina teenager named Lola who does sex work to support her family. It will be presented as documentary based on extensive interviews done with the film subject. I want Lola's story to visually unfold in real time as we hear her voice over in past tense.

The reason I am using animation to tell Lola's story is because she has requested anonymity in exchange for her frank re-telling of her experiences. Lola has a powerful yet brutal coming of age story. I don't want to sugar coat the events that Lola describes so I will keep her graphic language & subtly suggest some of the sexual activities that she experienced as well as the emotional toll it took on her. It's important because her story is about labor conditions in the sex industry, which is rarely discussed.

I will also require a character designer to create the art for the animation. Below is a short animatic for the film that I created in Final Cut Pro. The artist who created the preliminary art for this animatic hard-drew 2-D art in pen & ink on paper, which was then scanned, cleaned up in Photoshop, then brought into Final Cut Pro. This is the style of illustration I want for the entire piece. I'm actually trying to re-appropriate the visual style of Latino erotic comic books in a feminist way.

If you're an animation studio, do you have character designers who can draw in this style? While my rendering of this short segment is rather basic, I want to use the genre of animation to take it to a slightly more surreal space & be visually creative in telling Lola's story.

Lola's Sexual Assault
password: LTP

I would need to begin work on this project starting this Sept. 2012. I will provide the storyline, audio files of the character (please let me know what kind of file format you require), & some preliminary storyboards (more need to be done).

Please EMAIL ME with :

1.) a timeline for completion

2.) samples of 2D animation that are closer in style to the animatic that I've created or any 2D animation that shows off your ability to show movement, innovative visual approach

3.) which computer applications will you use to create this animation

4.) rates for your services

5.) your website, location & contact info

If you don't make work in this style of 2D but know of Bangalore animators who are up for the challenge, please refer me to them.

thanks in advance,