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Rotomation studios?

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Rotomation studios?

I have an idea for a little independant short film and a thought I had was to have the animation be rotoscoped. The problem I have is that even though I understand the actual process pretty well I have no idea how much just the roto might cost, how long it might take and what studios I might be able to take it to have it done. This is the process that I Would like to go for...

Shoot actors in costume, presumably on green screen or a nuetral background.
Rough comp and key, edit into a finished film. with temp backgrounds
Send the footage to someone, some studio, whatever, have them roto-mate just the characters and just the parts I need.
They send back digital files (with alpha)
I make the backgrounds and effects and final comping with a small team on my end.

I can figure out the setup and funding for everything but the roto, so that is what I am particularly interested in.

As for the look of the roto, something less sophisticated than "a scanner darkly", maybe a bit more sophisticated than "waltz with bashir" or "snow white". Stylized is good.

As for length, i would say something like 7min initially,then using that to get funding for something as long as 60 or 90 min.

Any thoughts or experiences or leads or general ball park figures would be greatly appreciated.



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after effects has rotoscoping tools and plugins. it isnt the only program with this feature. you dont have to pass it off. unless you dont have the time


I think do anything just a long as you work hard, do a clear conscience, is to do well. and have ideas will be put into action.:)

Happy life can't apply colours to a drawing of the render farm !

Contrary to popular belief A Waltz With Bashir is not roto. Still, I think plugins or any process will look like a process. You should get people to draw it. If it is just drawing what you shot, I think you could get it done fairly cheap in one of the Asian animation markets.