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Simple 3D animation software that looks good.

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Simple 3D animation software that looks good.

i am a beginner with 3D software, and by that i mean i have tried and failed many times. I would like to know, is there a software that lets you Animate in 3D, that is simple and looks good. By good i mean not too cartoony

I hear lots of good things about Illusion Mage.

3D software will pretty much allow you to make any kind of art you're capable of, but it won't do the work for you. And even once you do the modelling, rigging, and texturing, you'll have to render it.

Blender is free and has been used to make really stunning works. It recently updated it's interface to make it easier to learn.

Xara 3D is a typical low end 3D package, still going strong after multiple versions. Costing about $39, it's a PC-only 3D program that won't break the bank but is pretty limited as 3D programs go. Xara is great for quick logos and fun titles.

Try this one

Try project Messiah.. It's best on rigging and animations. It cost extremely less than autodesk products with amazing review.. Also work on zbrush 4r2b it helps your model look stunning on detailing :)

You can't beat FREE!

You can try DAZ3D. They are currently giving away full versions of their products for free.
I hope it helps.