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google sketch up in animation

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google sketch up in animation

wass up guys. im working on a tv film project 75 mins 2d/Flash. there are some shots we wish to do which we would prefer to be more dynamic than they are at present. However most of the team is fully 2d trained, ergo going to find a 3d band to create CG elements is difficult.

most of the elements we will be using CG for will be props and buildings, which will contribute to certain set pieces.

I am wondering what the drawback is of using elements from sketch up and then texturing them in Pshop as per our 2D look and feel and then taking them to max to create the sets, animate and render.

am i thinking correctly?

one of the things i have not checked yet is if the elements from sketch up are licensed for this kind of thing. or perhaps we could buy some elements.

your thoughts?

SketchUp is great for working fast and loose in 3D, but it's more than just a fancy electronic pencil. Because you're working on a computer, everything you create in SketchUp has a precise dimension. When you're ready, you can build models that are as accurate as you need them to be. If you want, you can print scaled views of your model, and if you have SketchUp Pro, you can even export your geometry into other programs like AutoCAD and 3ds MAX.

One step you are missing if you plan to paint textures on the objects is to find out if the Sketchup models have UVs. otherwise you will have lot's of problems painting and saving textures. Or it just won't work. If they are overlapping you'll get some reall weird effects. You can check the UVs or automatically lay them out in Max pretty easy, just make sure you do that first.

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another program

Swift 3d may help you out I'm not exactly has a great vector rendering included, pretty user friendly for those not to savvy with 3d...I use it for props in my 2d, as for flash is %100 compatible when you export you get separate layers for lines,shadows and actually shapes so it's great to work with for your own textures afterward and altering shadows... hope this helps...