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Application to USC


I have taken some time to read a similar post at

I am now in a similar situation, trying to get accepted to the University of Southern California's summer film program. My case is somewhat different to the above forum thread, as I am limited to roughly 250 words (it says 250-500 words on their site, but on this year's application form, it says roughly 250 words).

Does anyone have any suggestions on what to include? 250 words is not a lot to work with. For reference, this post alone is now up to 98 words..


As a person who has read a lot of application essays I would say to write about who you are and what makes you excited about the art of film. I personally like thinking when I finished reading an essay that I know something about the author and would like to work with that student.

Don't tell the reader what they already know about the program or "kiss butt" for lack of better term.

Positively don't start the essay with "the first time I saw (name of film here) I knew I wanted to be a film maker. Also film making is a team effort don't go pegging yourself someone who only wants to direct.

Good luck.


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