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Lost Boys - School of VFX - New Student Montage

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Lost Boys - School of VFX - New Student Montage

Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects - New Student Montage

[I]This montage reflects student work primarily completed during the past
two graduating classes of our Visual Effects Production Diploma Program.[/I]

Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects is proud to announce the release of it's Fall 2011 Student Montage!

The montage has been freshly updated for the annual Visual Effects Society - Celebration of Visual Effects event which Lost Boys sponsors every fall.

A collage of student projects. (Clockwise from top left; Stephen Holbrook, JongJun An, Gregory Watkins and Kishor Joshi.)

We Are

[*]Immersed into the craft of Visual Effects and passionate about sharing our knowledge.
[*]Streamlined and focused on what is relevant. We are North America's only dedicated Visual Effects School.
[*]A studio environment, creatively inspiring, reflects your future workplace.
[*]Selective with our applicants, your peers will be like minded and serious about their craft.
[*]Alternative and progressive with our teaching methods. We embrace project based learning and mentorship.
[*]We respect all sources of information and learning styles. Constantly pushing your limits, providing information as quickly as you can process it.
[*]Compassionate, we value developing personal relationships between faculty and students. We listen as well as share.
[*]Trusted and respected, our reputation opens doors and builds connections. Through our networks, the VFX Industry will take an active role in your career development.

[I]Filming quality original plates. This gives students an understanding of what happens on a set
and how it applies to visual effects as well as provides professional looking material for their portfolios.[/I]

Our Program

Our purpose is to train the necessary analytical, creative and technical skills to get started in the Visual Effects (VFX) Industry as quickly as possible, while still upholding a high standard of excellence.

The full-time Visual Effects Production program, is an intensive study of creating photo-realistic VFX, primarily using Autodesk's Maya and The Foundry's NUKE, supplemented by other specialty software to provide more exploratory options.

Led by award-winning VFX Supervisor/Mentor, Mark Bénard. Bringing over 15 years of studio, on-set and supervisory experience Bénard emphasizes an open mind for personal exploration, new experiences and the development of life long learning skills.

The VFX Industry's top priority is creative problem solving. We embrace project based learning to master the application of our tools and develop and refine our skills while providing you with content to build a professional reel. We balance production simulations with disciplined exercises and technical demonstrations delivered by industry professionals.

Select Alumni Credits

Industry Testimonials

"Lost Boys provides exactly the kind of curriculum the VFX industry needs; project-based studies that incorporate all aspects of today’s digital pipeline. The students are extremely fortunate to have in Mark Bénard a real, experienced VFX supervisor, and we know that graduates from Lost Boys will be able to hit the ground running"
[B]Adam Stern, VFX Supervisor
Artifex Studios[/B]

[I]"I appreciate a school who teaches the student, to be production ready with some production “sense.” I find a majority of schools don’t know how to accomplish this. Your students would be welcome at SPIN anytime, I have been consistently impressed with your grads. Good work!"
[B]Doug Campbell, President
Spin West VFX[/B]

"I’m impressed to hear about the real-world compositing & visual effects problems being posed to the students at Lost Boys. We’ve seen very few curriculums, in the US or Canada, which offer students a chance to be challenged by such realistic production problems."
[B]Rob Taylor, Founder/Creative Director
Pendulum Studios[/B]

"Anyone who’s lucky enough to get training like this, would truly have an edge on the competition."
[B]Trevor Adams, VFX Technical Director/Supervisor
Leviathan Studios[/B][/I]

Lost Boys Studios | School of Visual Effects is North America's only dedicated visual effects school offering an intensive eight month program supplying world-class training in photo-realistic 3D for VFX and compositing for film and television. Our students work with the award-winning VFX Supervisor/Mentor, Mark Bénard, in a project-based learning environment, covering VFX pre-production and shooting, 3D for VFX and compositing. Boasting over a 93% placement rate, Lost Boys is the eminent school of visual effects. For more information please visit our website at, or join us on Facebook