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Disney Desk for sale

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Disney Desk for sale

This desk isn't just furniture, its a showpiece! Emulating the original 1940's Walt Disney Studio desks designed by KEM Weber, this contemporary desk is, itself, a work of art. Its sturdy hydraulic positioning light table with disk is fully functional. Very little wear, just a few, light coffee mug heat rings, and a few gouges from moving. The back of the desk's shelf is a particle bulletin board. Constructed of dense plywood with either Red Birch or Maple veneer with a gorgeous honey finish. Its many drawers and shelves make it a fantastic home-office desk or memorabilia gallery. Key to drawer lock is lost. I bought it from WDAS Burbank, CA in 2003. The history and prior ownership of this desk is unknown. I've used it as a computer desk (laying the table flat and removing the disk). These desks don't sell very often because if you're lucky enough to get one, you hold on to it and cherish it. But now I need the space, and want to find this heirloom a good home. [weeping] I love this desk, you will too... You must make arrangements to pick up the item from my tiny residence in Glendale CA.

Height: 55¼ inches
Width: 72 inches wide
Depth: 27 inches deep

Weight: around 300 pounds