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"Unpaid", but we can try to take a shot on bigger things in a future

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"Unpaid", but we can try to take a shot on bigger things in a future

Me and my best friend are fans of gaming especially co-op actions, and based on that we are thinking of starting a business, so far we think might have a success in a future. My friend does have great sketching character skills and i don't, but i have good taste for design and i am into music production moreover. I am also business majored bachelor and so that makes me think about profits and other things like that beside enjoying writing scripts and stuff. Well, anyway after we finalize our business idea, which will be all around creativity, we will try to find and establish short-term or long-term partnership with animator or group of animators to work on project and so both parties will have fun and benefit. I am not rushing, but just letting you guys know about possible upcoming opportunity for us and animators who would like to start work together with us in a future.

Please, contact me here or via email if you want to discuss it or give an advise, i would appreciate it.