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hi there

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hi there

Greetings to all of you, its a great pleasure to be here and i believe that awn forum is a great sandbox to build castles or just awesome playground.

Unfortunately, i have no good ability to draw and even if i did i couldn't probably draw what characters i draw in my head. Me and my best friend are both in playing games mostly co-op games where team work may create different scenarios of a battle and sometimes we create small stories that we live in games. I have BS degree in business administration and my friend is getting one at the moment. From school he draws characters and i am interested in music production and last years we nourished an idea to start a business, and creativity should be a main factor in this business, both of us have very good sense for design, but we are lacking animation skills to start business. We are working on precise business idea and open for any advises or offers. If anyone interested, I would love to discuss it further, thanks for attention.

Please, someone who is good at animation and has the ability and desire to draw or just fond of discussing animation and its process reply.
Thank you