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Rock Pop Band Seeking an Animator for Music Video

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Rock Pop Band Seeking an Animator for Music Video

Hi guys,

We're a Pop Rock Duo named Papercut that reside in NYC. We're looking for an animator to create a music video for us. Due to the internet and its wonders, the animator does not have to live in NYC, or in the US for that matter, to be able to create a video for us. Obviously, we are going to pay for the work (although we don't know how the payment would work if it's outside of the US, I guess we can figure it out if this happens to be the case). We're both college students, so our budget is somewhat limited. We're looking to spend about 700-800 dollars for this project. Now, we might be asking for something ridiculous. We don't know how the pricing for this kind of things go, so if this doesn't cut it for you, please e-mail us (if you're interested) and we can def work something out. We're willing to spend more, but we have to be totally blown away by your work.

Anyways, we have a general idea of what the "plot" should be of the music video, but everything else is left to the creativeness part of your brain.

The song is about 4 minutes and 17 seconds long, entitled "The Resolution".

you can listen to it here:

Here are 3 videos of the kind of art we're sort of looking for (these are general examples, doesn't have to be exactly like them):

If you're interested in this "gig" or have any questions, please either reply here or e-mail us at

If you could include some of your previous work, to get an idea of your style, that would be awesome.

All best,

funny you havent mentioned a budget :rolleyes: