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Battle Legends – Episode 1 – A Cel-Shaded Short Film

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Battle Legends – Episode 1 – A Cel-Shaded Short Film

Hello there, my name is Leo Tierney and I have recently completed a short CG film that may interest you all called Battle Legends!

'Battle Legends' is an original story of two young gamers who, against their will, are transported back to a fantastical time with orcs, paladins and dragons, only equipped with their brains and skills to help them survive. It then chronicles their tales as they attempt to get back home or stay.

In this short film I tried to recreate the original feel of 90s anime cartoons that some of us grew up with, but instead of using hand drawn images I created everything with 3d cel shades to give the illusion of 2d images.

I have designed a poster to help promote the film which can be found here -

UPDATE - Battle Legends Episode One is now available on the Machinima Youtube Channel and is available for viewing here - Battle Legends: Episode One (Machinima) - YouTube

Enjoy the film!

I saw your post on another forum. You did an excellent job with the story.
Just how for are you going with this story line.
Will there be plans to polish the animation.

Thanks for commenting! :)
I plan on continuing on this story for 8 episodes in season one, if it becomes popular I would like to carry on the story in another season.
And there may be a special edition, if this becomes a hit, where I'll polish the animation :p

I think your work as SyFy potential. It is tons better than some of the stuff I have been seeing.

I think so too, almost :p

I just thought that I should let everyone know that Battle Legends Episode One has been taken onboard by Machinima! And is now available on the Machinima Youtube Channel at - Battle Legends: Episode One (Machinima) - YouTube

Great vid! It has a good feel of scale and epic-ness.

Yay! That was awesome. I really like the acting (as in the character animation) and the cel shading.

Good luck!