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we are looking buyers

We are Film / Video Production House cum Animation Studio, India.

our Non Animation Department ( VIDEO / FILM Production ).
We do - Non Animated Feature Film, Documentary Film, TV Serials, Tele Film, Music Video, and any type of Model Shoot ( Model shoot for exhibition, creative / Artistic / bold Model Shoot, Magazine Shoot etc),

our Animation Department.
We do – 2D / 3D Music Video, 2D / 3D TV Serial, 2D / 3D Video Footage, 3D Interior/ exterior, 2D / 3D TV Ad etc. Worked with USA, Ireland, German clients.
If you have any projects / Program please mail us

or We are Making Bengali Feature Film and Telefilm, we want to sale rights.

Film Web Site:

Animation Web Site:

Our YouTube Animation link:

Amitava Sengupta