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Voice Over Training & Consulting Lessons

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Voice Over Training & Consulting Lessons

Hi Guys,

As director of VoiceTOONS and coach at VO101, I have co-developed a new online consulting resource for creatives, animators and producers who need to learn the ropes when it somes to working with voice talent, or want to become a voice actor.

Understand the Industry and How to Work with Talent! [/COLOR]

I offer single downloadable consulting tips great for the freelance animator, producer, game designer, film student, school, or anyone else who may ever need to hire, direct and work with voice actors.

YES - I also offer private group and/or classroom coaching va Skype Video perfect for schools, classrooms, gamers and even animation film schools. Topics include hiring talent, direcing talent, what to expect from voice talent, casting, and more.

Check out all downloadable lessons, or get the entire consulting collection at Learn how to find, hire and work with voice overs.

Become a Voice Actor or Voice Talent Online! [/COLOR]

Maybe your students want to become voice actors, or learn to do so for their own grad film, animated production, shorts, pilots, games, etc, then share the VO 101 Online Voice Over Course, complete with audio, video, papers, self-grading tests, support, and more. This program is available right now from $19.95.

Stop by and learn more today.

Custom registration pages are also available for your school. Ask for more details bya email at

Anthony Reece
VoiceTOONS and VO 101