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Any Advice For a Self-starter?

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Any Advice For a Self-starter?

I'm just getting started in animating for fun. Just today I thought of it! So I downloaded easy web animator 3 and I thought it was gonna be more than what it looks to be. I want something that is cheep or free that is good to start out with. Something that can make relitivly good stuff for a beginner. And something that is similar to the more complexed systems so that I am learning steps to the craft the right way. Thanks! Any help is appreciated.

If you have a scanner or webcam, download this pencil tester for free and start drawing. Learn to draw and how to apply the 12 principles of animation in your drawing.
Trying to learn a software before or while learning the basics of animation will hinder either. To help you with the basics, this book is a good start, and this one once you're ready to go even more in depth.

Sounds good. Yea I'll have to check out those books, Thanks.

Even though you're just getting started, what is your goal? What do you want to make? What inspired you to get into it? That may help you in choosing your tools and workflow.

I second the notion to check out some of the classic books on the subject, like Disney's Illusion of Life. I also recommend getting a good figure drawing book, by artists like Andrew Loomis, to help you with your characters. The key is to know where you're going. isn't working right now.... are there any others, I use to use Animation shop but my trial has run out.

Any help would be great! Thanks... Just somewhere I can scan my pictures into to make a sequence.

I never went to MonkeyJam so what kind of help did you get there?

They are updating there site at the moment, said it will be down for the month. I got Animation shop, but as you can see in the show and tell bit, it doesn't come out very well!

I've really got the animation bug right now and just want to keep going but have no software to do so! I cant buy any as I dont start work for a couple of weeks, hence my free time to spend on drawing some little pictures!

There is some free software, sorry I do not remember any names.