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Logo Sketch

Hey i am not sure if this is the right section but i was wondering if anyone would mind designing a logo or poster for my band called "Fallout Shelter." You can use whatever you like i just want to get some imputs. I no it requires some amount of work but i figure it is something for you guys to draw at least. Thank you very very much.

as long as i can have something in return, not a problem at all...:D

I think Logo Sketch is a very

I think Logo Sketch is a very good tool to make logos. It's easy to use and it has many features such as the ability to change the color and size of the logo as well as its shape. It also allows you to choose between different types of fonts and text effects, like bold or italicized letters. Visit this site for more ideas. I like Logo Sketch because it's fast and easy to use. You can create your own logo in just a few minutes without having to worry about the program crashing or not working properly because it's very stable.