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Looks that kill - Yuki7

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Looks that kill - Yuki7

Check out this animation :-O


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HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

Short description:
International Girl of Mystery. Operates as a spy-for-hire from her secret HQ in Tokyo. Formerly an agent of F.O.X.Y., trained in Paris. Expert in information recovery, undercover operations, and catwalk fashion.

When an extremely dangerous and highly secretive pair of undergarments with the power to destroy the world fall into the wrong hands, the call goes out to the only team who can stop the villain in her tracks – Yuki 7 and the Gadget Girls! Can they recover the lethal lingerie in time, or will world succumb to the evil will of this fashion fiend?

It is publicity for a book/dvd, but well worth the look (in my opinion)

Check out for A kill from Tokyo - Yuki7

Here is what droosan wrote on animatedviews:
I have the first book + DVD (Seductive Espionage: The World of Yuki 7), and definitely plan to get this new book, this summer..!

Yuki 7 creator Kevin Dart was a background artist/designer on (the criminally-cancelled) Sym-Bionic Titan.

The premise of these books is rather fun: Yuki 7 is a (alas, fictional) series of spy movies from the 1960s. Kevin Dart presents movie posters, soundtrack album and 'novelization' covers, and various ephemera from the 'franchise'. Sprinkled throughout the book are Yuki 7 pin-ups by various guest artists, in a similar 1960s style.

On the DVD is a 'trailer' for one of the Yuki 7 films: A Kiss from Tokyo on the first, and Looks That Kill on the new release; this latter being from a period during which Yuki 7 is teamed with a group of lovely female spies, the 'Gadget Girls'.

Both trailers were made entirely in Adobe After Effects by Kevin Dart and Stephane Coedel; although both are great fun, the new trailer is far more ambitious than the first! I'd love to see a full-length Yuki7 production in this style, someday .. even if it's only a 30-minute DTV.


HoBSoft Automated animation workflow for feature and tv-series

Excellent work. Very snappy, fresh. It pays to read to the end of a post... I had questions that I noticed you had already answered.