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College Confusion.

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College Confusion.

Hi there people, I've been struggling with this whole college research process and it's not going all too well. I'm currently living in Turkey, so I have no chance of actully visiting the schools myself. Many people aren't all that familiar with the animation scene let alone being knowledgeable on universities that have animation programs. Not sure what I want to specialize in; torn between 2D, 3D and game. >_>
I managed to make a list of schools that I particularly liked, but my mother insists I throw in a few state universities in there as well due to financial matters ;) (Yeah I won't be able to afford private schools without financial aid)
So, here's my list:

1. CalArts
2. School of Visual Arts
3. Academy of Art University
4. Rochester Institute of Technology
5. Art Center College of Design
6. Fashion Institute of Technogoly
7. Ringling School of Art and Design
8. University of Southern California
9. Columbia College Chicago
10. Rhode Island School of Design