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Silver Lining: film development blog and funding

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Silver Lining: film development blog and funding

I'm currently working on a short 2D film just named 'project: Silver Lining' for now. I'm keeping a production blog via and would like all to view and comment.

I'm also aiming to raise some funds to finish it, and have set up a 'crowd funding' profile for this. If you don't know what crowd funding is, it's the principle that people may donate small amounts and if all goes well, fund a certain goal.

Why am I different to anyone else? Well, this is a research piece for me, and I am fully documenting everything I do, discover and think (on and offline) so that when the production is finished, I can publish the whole story for others to learn off. And the best bit, it'll be free for all to look through, in a nicely laid out PDF format! That'll be my way of saying thanks for all who help me towards my funding goal.

Plus, there's original drawings and artwork to be had for would-be funders.

You can peruse the donation page here:

Although there is a healthy learning atmosphere and hunger for knowledge floating around animation, especially online, I feel much of the published work lacks depth. So I am a guinea pig, and you are all invited to peer in the cage and watch me run on the wheel!

Donate spare change:

Anyway, all comments, questions and crit are welcome! Thanks in advance for any who help out.