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DreamWorks Animation is Hiring!! - Render Wrangler

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DreamWorks Animation is Hiring!! - Render Wrangler

DreamWorks Animation is currently looking for a Render Wrangler for our Redwood City location.

Job Discription:

Render Wrangler or Technical Resource Administrators (TRA) duties include monitoring and load balancing a distributed batch queue, assisting artists with errored jobs, and assisting in the day-to-day maintenance of the render farm. They monitor the I/O of data across various file systems and initiate data moves to allocate disk space. This includes processing archive and delete requests, monitoring the tape library and its servers, and preparing archived data for transfer to on site and off site storage facilities. Other responsibilities include retrieval of lost/deleted data, outsourcing via recordable media and/or FTP to partner companies, and responding to all support calls assigned to the department.

- One year of Linux, Shell scripting and basic systems administration experience
- Good verbal and writing skills, good organizational skills
- Able to handle a fast paced, occasionally high pressure environment
" Can work well with a group or independently
- Able to work very flexible hours on weekend evenings or nights

How to Apply:
Please send your resume in the body of your e-mail, as well as, an attachment to, with the subject line: Render Wrangler - Your Name

What i need to is, if someone

What i need to is, if someone asked you if you could create a 2 minute long animation