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BAD PENGUIN -- an animated feature

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BAD PENGUIN -- an animated feature

British Academy Award winning animator/director, Tony White, has started a new feature-length animation - entitled Bad Penguin.

The goal: to re-energize the genre of traditional animation, and bring to the screen a new feature film, animated in the style of classic Disney/Warner Brothers films. Production of the film will also provide apprenticeship opportunities to new and promising animation talent; sorely missing since the early days of Disney.

Geared to more mature audiences, Bad Penguin is a black comedy about a blind street musician who befriends an angry, armed-to-the-teeth penguin who wishes to teach the world how it feels about Christmas. For a better grasp of the story, imagine what would happen if Bugs Bunny and Quentin Tarantino had a baby...

To raise money for this project, we are using, a site that helps raise funds for artistic projects such as this. Pledges are eligible for several enticing awards: including signed and numbered posters, copies of the storyboards and original artwork from the finished piece (potential collector's items in the making.)

To get a first glimpse of the project and the artwork, please visit us at


The link Bad Penguin was broken. Here is an updated link

Ran though your video and have to say that that animated scene was funny :D
Looking forward to more updates on this project

All the best, Phil!


Thanks, Spacemonkey. I've fixed the links in my original post (I hope).

We're hoping to entertain a lot of people, though we expect to piss some of them off. I recently spoke with a H-wood producer who read the Bad Penguin script. He enjoyed it, but thinks it will be an uphill battle. Adult animations just aren't so popular. Still, I'm a big fan of movies like Heavy Metal, The Illusionist and Watership Down...

And I think it's time to return cartoons to those who deserve them: the adults.