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Hi there! glad to join you guys :)

Hey people Danny here, currently working on an indie game and looking to recruit some people which is why I came to the best place I know :D


my name is Daniel and i am from Germany. So my english might not be the best but hopefully you can understand what i mean. In regards of animation i am a bloody amateur and i hope to find some help here of how to make the first steps.

Greetings :)


Hi I'm an animator in the final stages of the final year of an animation degree at University of the Arts London! Looking to talk with other animation-minded folk, perhaps collaborate on some projects, gain some advice, give some advice, and see if we can have a positive impact on each other's future paths :D

You can check out my current work here if you're interested!

Hi Everyone!

I just joined the forum. I developed an on the go animation tool I would like to share with everyone.
Animate2D (Studio Edition) is the name and available on google play. The software is really starting to shape up and be a pro on the go tool.


Im currently an Art Foundation student in the UK intending to study animation at university.


My name is Paul and my main interest in animation is in the area of rotoscoping.

Hello, forum.

I am an artist and animator with a passion for cinema and history. Recently I graduated with a degree in the animation and am currently seeking employment in the field. I specialize primarily in 2D art and animation and have experience gained in a number of feature film and short subject work.

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Greetings from Indonesia
I'm a senior university student.
Currently working on my project to finally graduate.
Nice to meet you all.



My name is Libby and I am an editor. I have been editing for more then 5 years now and it is my dream to edit animated films for a studio like Dreamworks, Pixar, or Disney.


hey there
kenneth daniel fredericks here

just on this forum to make a suggestion really
need some help deciding something

New here

Hey guys and gals,

Name's Romeo and I'm a newbie here. So - hello!

I work as a storyboard artist and have recently completed the pilot for a cartoon I've created, written and animated, which took close to 18 months. Dying to share it with you guys!

Till then, looking forward to getting to know everyone!


JUICED! 24 Hr animation

Thanks for the add! :)


I work in feature film previsualisation and I love animation.


Hello. I'm interested in getting started in animation (possibly as a career). I thought I'd join and post some work whenever I really get started in animation. :D

Hi, I'm new here :)

Hello everyone, I'm currently a confused college student that would love answers to some questions that I might have :)


I'm just a usless poet looking for a way to bring life to her words

New Member


I joined this website because I want to become an animator. I have no illusions of myself and realize this is no easy task, but I am willing to work myself to death for it. I believe that I am passionate enough to make it in this field despite the challenges I will have to face.

I'm just a usless poet looking for a way to bring life to her words

Spelling might be an issue.

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This is Mike from China,working with a Injection Moulding vendor in China the name is Zetar Industry (, Located in Shanghai China (a very big modern city).

New StopMo CG artist member

Hello all
My name is Sasha- brand new here. I am a relatively new artist- working entry level at a few studios, I most recently was an artist at the Oregon animation studio Laika- that was the worst :(
I've moved on since then and now I'm working freelance and much happier.


I'm a writer/producer for a project. Im hoping to find a good 2d flash animator :)

Hello everyone! I'm a 1st year animation student. This looks like a great community, so I've decided to join. Thanks!

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This is my official reply. Miracle


My interest in animation started from watching Ray Harryhausen movies and Hanna-Barbara cartoons growing up... as I learned more, my tastes evolved. Big fan of stop-motion animation, although I discovered the hard way that I had no talent for it.

From Tom Hignite

Hello, I have a small 2D studio in the Milwaukee area and am trying to post a new subject on your forum but was directed here.
Tom Hignite


i am a chinese CG artist and here i would like to learn more tip on the design.

pls confirm my id.thanks

pls confirm my id.thanks

Animator with Basic Techniques

Hi all,

I'm a self-taught animator and have much to learn (it shows, my style is pretty basic). I've heard good things about these forums and hope to gather some crucial knowledge.

Here's my YouTube channel:

Hello to All Friend !! m new member here...a big animation lover & hoping to find here many required & useful info...

Hello everyone, I am Edgewick. I am interested mainly in flash animation, I am self-taught and have taken up animation as a hobby. I don't plan to make it into a career, just use it for fun and for the sake of animation. I hope to learn a lot on these forums and one day be able to answer questions myself, since as of typing this post I am still very much an amateur.

New Animator

Hello everyone, new animator from Canada with a small start-up business that employs myself and my brother.

Hello from a new member


I'm Jeff Haas and I'm an indie animation producer here in Columbus, Ohio. I've dabbled with some CGI and some hand drawn animation over the years. Right now I'm producing a live action/animated mix comedy web series(Think poor man's Roger Rabbit).

I'm pretty much a one man band writing, acting, voicing the characters and producing the animation via Toon Boom for the show.

In addition to hoping some folks here might be interested in seeing the show, maybe I can help and learn by exchanging production knowledge with others.


- Jeff - web site - show on Blip - show on Dailymotion

Hey there

Hey everyone, just made an account after finding a lot of good resources and discussions going on here. I'm an app developer and student of animation and previsualisation, and love communicating stories visually.


I'm a graphic designer interested in animation

Hello! I'm an art-director at a small animation company in Vancouver.

hello everyone. I am beginner in adobe photoshop. So I will need lots of your help to understand this wonderful too.



wadup peeps, animator based from Melbourne

Video Scribe

I am an animator works for a digital production company

Hi, i am 3d animator working on maya and in a MNC animation company. I am here to gain knowledge from others and express myself and my confusion to others. :)


Hello friends,

Need help

Does anyone know of a film which involves a hand, with pen, writing?
Many thanks


Hello friends,

I am new hear and searching for animators.

Hola. Me llamo Evan.
I'm a nomadic dude from NY/CT.

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Boop hello

Hello everyone, new animator from japan. Nice to meet you all.:)

Does anyone know of a film which involves a hand, with pen, writing?
Many thanks

You need to repost your question in the right form and give more details.


hello everybody!!!!