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hello all

myself aditi.i am 3d rigging artist.i would like to keep update myself so i would like to join this forum

new member

Hello everyone ,I an a animator and i want to join AWN to share my animation and get feedback.tahnks !

A new comer says "Hello!"

Hello! I'm a medical school student in Tufts University, and my direction is Health Communication. I love animation and I hope to use animation to convey health information. I am still a new learner right now and I'd like to learn from everyone in this forum. THANKS!


Step one has been completed, perfect my craft as a writer so people ask if I'm a professional writer.

Step two is putting the business plan together to open my own animation studio to produce my stories. (This will later become a primary wing in a larger production studio to produce the video games and publish the novels.)

While animation has not been the skill I've been perfecting, it is the primary medium by which I wish to utilize as a means to tell my stories.

Hello everyone,
I just found out this incredible forum today.
I'm a college student currently studying in something that has nothing to do with animation, but it's my dream to become an animator one day. I'm struggling with everything now-- about the future, the reality, the family-- yet I hope my dream of this never perish.
Good luck to you all and have a good day.


Keep drawing and good luck.

Hiya, y'all!

Animation producer from Expat Anywhere.

Nice to meet all of you guys.

hello every one this is jack..i am from r u guys doing.

hi iam bala

iam a graphic animator for the past 10 years


New here. I've always enjoyed watching animation movies from a young age; especially Disney esque fairy tale ones.... I am currently working on a fairy tale animated short film. In short I love it because it is fun, awesome and reminds me of when I was younger and carefree.

Hello, i am a photographer from L.A. USA.

New comer

Looking forward to meet and get some tips with experts here :)

I always feel like I'm attending an AA meeting when I post in one of these threads.

I'm Ben, I do some animation in my spare time and love watching cartoons.

Hello, I am about to graduate from an animation degree and I have joined this stie to try to get advice.

I always feel like I'm attending an AA meeting when I post in one of these threads.

I'm Ben, I do some animation in my spare time and love watching cartoons.

Hi, Ben. :)


New Member

Hi Everyone

I'm Mike and I buy animated greetings cards, so if you have any in your portfolios get in touch cos' I need great flash animators!

Hello! My name is Steven and I'm here to learn as much about the animation industry and it's inner workings as much as possible. Looking forward to it!


Hello everyone!


Hi everyone,

I'm Eamann, I'm a writer with a particular interest in animation. I've had one animated sitcom developed by a production company and am hoping to get another developed shortly


I'm just a guy who was never good at regular academic stuff, the only thing I had going for me was drawing. Instead of just going for a regular 14 dollar per hour job that you hate, I would rather do a job that I like regardless of money payment(Well at least enough to sustain myself) like, Animation.

I hope to learn a lot of things here from other Artist and Animators.

Hello All

Hello Ladies and Gents of AWN.

My name is Josh, I've fairly recently come back to animation after dropping out in college to do live action work, and I'm currently working on my own stop motion short film.

I have been using AWN for several years now, but only recently has it occurred to me that there may be forums here :)

So now I've found you guys, I'm looking to reach out, get involved and geek out over all the animated goodness that lies within these boards.

Very nice to make your acquaintance.

I'm making a stop motion short film called 'The Haunts'
Follow our progress @ The Haunts Production Blog

Or like us on Facebook:
The Haunts Film - Facebook Page

Hello from Pixel Pirate Production

Helllo everyone. Happy to be on the Forum.

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Hi I am Tommy and I am a freelancer. I do web designing and I am here to get some tips regarding animation involved in web designing

Hi, wanted to be an animator

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What's going on animators, I'm here to receive and give information to better us all at what we do.

Hi, I like animation

Hello and greetings!

Hello and greetings! I'm redundant and patient just like any artist/animator should be! I recently purchased Toon Boom 5 due to lack in funds only to try my hand at something I've loved and admired for so long. Having buggy issues, so I looked up possible ways around it, found this place, and here I am!


Hi everyone. I'm CandyStriperParade666, or Candy for short. I'm a college student studying animation.

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Hi everyone~

I am new to the forums. I am an amateur artist with no school background in the arts. I am looking to see what programs and paths I should take to become an animator. I would appreciate the help. Nice meeting everyone!


Hi from Spain


I'm from Spain, my name is Victor. Years ago I started doing 2D animation, later I learnt AEE, Lightwave, Premiere, Photoshop and I discovered I'm better with computer than with paper and pencil although drawing is my best therapy when I get free time ;)

I hope to learn and help here in the forums :)



Can't wait to get involved! Yay!





Great to be a part of a platform for ideas and story exchange.

Hello everybody.

I'm Crisostomo. A filipino who is happy to be a part of a global community of artist and animators who also feel the need to share some of our local cultural ideas thru this medium called animation. Thank you for the opportunity to join.


I am passion for making animation so i Looking in these forum for any help from other experience senior animators :)

hello, everyone my name is Harrison and i love animation and i love to make new characters using animation....


hello again, im really excited about joining the forum.
I'am 16 years old, and need some career guidance.
and i think i need some guidance here too?? where do i start posting, and who are going to be clarifying my doubts?? please help me out here.
i have loads of unanswered questions running at this point, in my head. :(

Hi All, Alex here new to animation and looking to get guidance on some basic issues.


Hey, I'm a new member, and I'd like to see all the forums

Greetings AWN!

hello folks. we're a company of creative artists who are looking to enter the glorious world of animation creation. everything I've read is that this is the forum where the best go to converse.

very excited!

Hello World!

Hello Everybody!
My name is Alon and I'm an animator and music producer at Krazy Kartoons Studios :)

Also, I'm producing some INSANE cartoons for My YouTube channel on my spare time, Feel free to check it out: MR DAN INSANE

Hope that you'll enjoy my creations :rolleyes:

new member

Hi I'm empop!

Looking to collaborate with some great animators!

I'm a newbie :)

Hi everyone! I am excited to be here! Right now, I'm working on becoming a storyboard artist :) I might post my character designs for my cartoon here and there, so look out!


Just a dad trying to help his son who dreams of being an animator! Thanks!

Distribution & Animation

Hi All,

I am an independent distrubtor of Animation content worldwide!
Feel free to get in touch if you have some content and want to expore the opportunities worldwide!

In addition to this I also manage artists and can get any type of project executed (2d/3D/Flash) within the budget and the time frame.


Hello. Just joined.


Long time animator, and now an animation producer. I'm joining here in an effort to chase down some quality 2d animators - and by quality, I mean, able to deliver something fun despite my company's budget. I'll go mosey down to the Jobs section and post some info over there.



access to all forums

hello all, I am a film maker/producer looking for animators, and the like, to collaborate with

Hi I am Jade,

I like animation and build them to provide some relaxed life to everyone.