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Hi all. Name's Ronald. Looking to find some animation artists/character designers for a project Im developing for an animated superhero action show.Think Young Justice, Green Lantern, Avatar and Batman: The Animated Series.


Hello, I am new here. I am interested in animation design. I want to communicate you guys about how to design animation with electronic drawing tool.:)

Hello. I'm a music composer, and just registered because I LOVE animation and looking to meet talented animators for collaboration.

K. Zacharopoulos, film composer

Hello everyone :)


Hey I love to imagine and create, and being slightly different from the rest. By joining this website I'm just trying to get a feel for a better idea of who I am and who I wish to be.

hi every one

hi this is jeeva .....expertise in 2d animation.....and other digital design works....looking for animation project..thanks

I am a 25 year old student (but currently taking a break to save up more money), majoring in Psychology. I have always been good at drawing, but for some reason I had never considered it as a possible career path. However, I have come to appreciate good entertainment as of late, and after seeing some particularly well done and touching animated features, my interest in drawing has been rekindled.

Still, I know that being good at drawing doesn't necessarily make me good at animation, so I'm here to learn as much as I can about the whole process, and perhaps post some of my work.

Hello there

I'm brand spanking new! Thanks for the help forum :p

Hi Dan,

I am Adi and I work as a Relationship Manager in ProofHub. Since childhood I have been addicted to animated movies and series. I have seen various cartoons and movies like Shrek, The Adventures of Tintin, Up, Kungfu Panda, Stuart Little, Life of Pi. I signed up on your forum to gain more insights and knowledge in the field of animation and to know how they collaborate and coordinate for any project requiring animation.


Hello! I'm new.

I've been working as an artist for about 13 years now. Video games, and ISD training and storyboarding, shooting video. You name it. I've done it. Just short of creating an animated feature film all by myself that is.

The company that I currently do ISD and Training software for is closing down and I will be unemployed very soon. Within the month.

I'm trying to decide if this is the time. The time for me to jump out, and do what it is I want to do. To finally break away and take my destiny into my own hands and try to sell my animated show ideas and start my animation studio.

I've never sold a piece of work that is "mine". It's always clients ideas, and stories, and things that they want to see made.

It might be time.

But...I'm terrified! Honestly. I'd rather walk into the local shopping mall bare naked with a sign over my head that says "I slept with one of your parents, guess which one", than to embark on the road to seeing my stories and ideas show up on a weekly or bi-weekly basis on the television.

So I've registered here to read, and write, and ask, and answer in hopes that I'll get my brave on, or just take another "job", where I can go home at night, hug my kids, kiss my wife, pet my dog and mow my lawn.

Lets see what happens shall we?

Hello, my name is John Pannozzi. I'm interested in a forming an independent animation studio (more like a collective, really).


Hello, I have been interested in animation and other visual storytelling mediums for a while now and want to pursue a career within the industries as a writer and creator. I currently am a freelance illustrator and designer.

I'm an Animation movie Maker

Hi everyone, nice ti meet you


My everyone i am new to the forum. I am a cg animation student at the living arts college and I am about to graduate soon. Hopefully i could gain some knowledge on how to get my foot in the door while i am with this forum.

The Reply! I have replied, so now I am all powerful! :D


hello, I am animator and I love to discuss about animation.

Thanks for registering me on the forum

Thanks, looking forward to conversations on animation.

New Member

Hello everyone ,I an a animator and i want to join AWN to share my animation and get feedback. Also I would like to sell some animation disc on the flea market!


I've been obsessed with animation since age 8, and Nightmare Before Christmas is what sealed my fate in stop-motion. Always glad to be among other animation folk, even if just online.

My First Post Here

Hi Mike is here :)


Hello, I'm Woksin and I'm a dude


I am a armature animator looking for knowledge on creating and getting my ideas known.


Hello all! I have recently received a Bachelors of Fine Arts and have join to gain insight on the animation industry, particularly 2D.

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regarding post graduate studies

hi i am from india. i completd bsc physics and did master certification course in multimedia. i want to do post graduate
is durham college canada vfx and digital cinema program is good .please clarrify me..


Hi everyone, Im an animation student from Malaysia. Here to learn from seniors out here and get feedback for my short animation

Hello, I've been animating professionally since 2007, fell off the horse for a bit, and now I'm trying again.

new member says hi



Hello all! I'm Joseph Boughman co-founder and current CEO of the internet based animation company Toad Pencil Productions. I join in the hopes of finding people who may be interested in joining my team.

hello world

I love open source software, animated films and chocolate milkshakes.

Searching for collaborators

Hi all,

Beyond a few enthusiastic and very amateur attempts, I'm not really an animator... I'm a writer.

I'm here to meet real animators and hopefully find some collaborators to work on some projects I've been working on.

New to Animation

I have a talent for drawing and I am looking to pursue a career in the animation industry, I am interested in storyboard artwork. I have the skill, the work ethic and the drive but lack the experience. I am hoping to find good advice from well experienced people as I am a new comer to the industry looking for a place to start.


Hello Everyone :)

Hi and happy to be part of this community.

Hi, I'm Tristan

Hello, I'm Tristan and this is my animation. Illustrated by Eric Palmer, I used the program Dragon Frame, and I hand crafted a large multiplane system out of a baking rack and old picture frames. It is a music video for Eric and my band called Future Loves Past. Enjoy!

hi everyone

i love music, like games and use play it on friv

New Alert

I am an investor and member of a animation related firm and would like to read and inform the forum about new technologies and read about them.

Hi, out of compliance


My name is Chris and I'm living in Japan with my family. Currently, I teach English and stumbled upon creating simple animations to help my students learn. I'm a bit of a perfectionist and decided that if I'm going to use animation, I should do my best and so now, my interest in perfecting the craft has been piqued.

Hi, I'm a musician looking to work collaboratively with animators in the hope of producing sound design and music score for moving image!

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Hi. I'm new and I'm working on a social animation platform that we hope to launch soon. please give it a look at


Hellooooo :)

I'm a musician, singer/songwriter and I'm hoping to find a friendly animator here to help me with a music video.


Hey all

Hey all, im an animator from South Africa and am excited to share some of my work with everyone


We make documentaries!!

amateur animator

Hi just an amateur animator looking for some hints and tricks.


Hello i have 13 years old and i love animation! I have a youtube account and i have a really great series called The World of Jeff! I would love it if it got more views. :)

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hey there!


Hello my name is leo i have 13 years old and i love animation!

Hi ^_^

Hi! My name is Clara. I am currently enrolled in a liberal arts college and trying to transfer to an art school (namely, FIT). I want to major in Illustration and work as a concept artist. I joined this site to get a feel of the industry and hopefully some tips on how to break in. :)


I'd like to join the AWN forum to communicate with the forum fellows, having similar interests in motion graphics and stereo video. AWN forum is a nice platform to share opinions and knowledges.