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hi all



I'm an animator making hand-drawn movies. Joining to see if I can learn a thing or two.


Hello Hello everyone ,
I am a fresher in Animation field and i want to join AWN to share my animation and get feedback. I have just recently finished my Animation course from Bangalore, India. & i've started working as a Concept Artist and Storyboard artist in Animation studio here in Bangalore. Since i'm new to this and it's my first Job i would like to know more about storyboard since i'm the only storyboard artist in my studio and i donot have any experienced person to guide me or teach me about this. i know the basics of it but since it's my first time workin in a studio. it would be helpful if i got some tips and refernces on how and what is expected from us..

Spanish animator.


I am Gustavo Muñoz, a spanish 2D and 3D animator. I would like to be able to show you some of my oil paintings, drawings, and 2D/3D animation work.




I am a recent animation graduate and I can use every bodies help.

All you have to do is click on the link below and watch the short little animation myself and my friend Matt Frost created.

If we can get so many views we can progress to the next round of the competition, please it will mean so much.




Kickstand provides content development, consulting, tools development, pipeline engineering, and character creation.

Just replyin'

I'm replyin to this message as requested.

Hey yall!


Good evening, I'm here in order to ask a couple questions on animation courses.

Hi everyone, hoping I can can knowledge and advice from you all on my animation ideas.


I am desperately trying to identify a film - I just saw a very brief clip in a shop & want to find it!!


I've been at WDAS for 15 years as a CG Character animator. I am selling my Disney Animation desk, and thought the good folks at AWN would be interested. Plus I thought I should have joined this forum long ago.

Hello. My name is Paul (boring name, yes, but there are many great people with the name Paul; take Paul Revere for example). I just want to say that I really like the art that is animation. I didn't join this forum to brag about my drawing skills (I have very little; the best thing that I ever drew was an ornate vace, and I lost that within a week after I drew it) or boast about my painting achievements (which I have none since I have never really painted anything before). In fact, I have joined this forum/bulliten board to learn from whoever is willing to teach me. I have no past visual art experience, but I have both the eagerness and the patience to learn... when I'm not doing homework (High School isn't going to finish itself, now is it?).

"Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude"
Zig Ziglar


I am a 3D freelancer as well as a 3D faculty. I have 5 years experienced as a 3D faculty in most renowned institute like Arena Animation, Animaster.

My skill on 3D Modeling, Architectural Designing.

Right now I am looking for some 3D freelance project.

Sanjoy Chakraborty

+91 9830941501

My blog:


Never really know what to say to these kinda things. I'm just a simple guy who loves him some good animation, and lookin for like-minded people. Hopefully I'll find some stuff I've never seen before.

Oh yeah, I'm also hoping to find people who are willing to trade things that just aren't available to purchase anywhere. I will post a list of wants and haves in the trading post once I've been approved.


I'm Erick. I am a music creator. I wish to work with animators for music videos, or projects.

repost? maybe

Hi, I thought I had already registered here, but since I didn't get a password reset link to any of the emails I provided, I resolved to just re-register again. I had forgotten my username anyway.

Anyway, I'm an aspiring storyteller/entertainer but a character rigger by trade. I also make fansubs, more on that to come...


Hello my name is Jordan, starting school at Art Institute of Sacramento C.A in Jan of 2012.


I'm an independent filmmaker who's been bouncing between making both live-action and animated short films since 1996. I've finally decided to embark on my first animated feature film, Sticky Fingers: The Movie! Here goes nothin'...

Jason Roth

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I am an actor, and a singer. I also love to make music and write. I have always loved to draw, however I have never had an art class... But I still enjoy drawing an animating as a hobby, and I hope to have my own cartoon someday :3.


My name is Carl, I live in upstate New York, and I'm in my 3rd year of Game Art Design at Westwood College Online. I intend on starting my own business once I've completed my course work.

I'm an independent filmmaker who's been bouncing between making both live-action and animated short films since 1996. I've finally decided to embark on my first animated feature film, Sticky Fingers: The Movie! Here goes nothin'...

Jason Roth

Best of luck on your project or do I say break a leg?


dear sir,
my name is inder sharma , i am 2d&3d animation and vfx artist . i am the part of a professional team which is called as name of mrityunjaya creations.
we are here to get jobs for animation and vfx . :)


Hi, I would like to start a short story animation company because I enjoy real character animations.


It's nice to see people around here with same interest

I am here to get some basic info for my career guidance!

Who am I?

Hi Dan Admin, my name is Rexiel Lovino, you can call me Rex for short, I am a 2d animator for almost 7 years now, and 15 long years in experience in animation industry, starting at Fil-Cartoons, Topdraw and Tooncity animation studios here in the Manila, Philippines.

If anyone wants my expertise, pls feel free to email me at or text me at 0926-6637682 (Globe local line) here in Manila,Philippines....


Need a 2d ANIMATOR for your small scale animation? Feel free to contact me......

Hello All

I'm a screenwriter interested in drama, thriller, military films as well as exciting comedy films that include animated movies. My favourite cartoon is Tom and Jerry and favourite comedy movie so far is 'The three idiots.' An indian production. I've written a number of scripts including animated film screenplays which are currently on the look out for any interested party. :)



Just here to share an animation project. Hopefully some of you will be interested :)

Good morning

Hello everyone! :D

my website:

New member

I'm a student and animator.

Hello cyberworld~

My name is Michelle. I am a high school senior/aspiring animator.

I have joined this forum in search of advice and critique (: I dabble in many visual arts related things, such as painting, drawing, photography, and graphic design.

Above all, however, I am in love with character animation. I am new to the field, and I hope that joining this forum will help me grow.

save today's Bing animated wallpaper

Anyone know how to do it? :o


Hello all, Im joining this forum to meet like minded individuals. I'm a high school teacher, teaching 3d modeling, animation, film , and effects. Looking for input from people that know their business! Eager to learn here.

Jay Cates

I'm an aspiring animator, looking for other fellow artists to help motivate me in the right direction. I figured this could be a potential way?

Aaaaand posted. :)

Hey here is my reply

Excelsior :)

ok, here is my first post in awn...



i am new to this forum

You convinced me...

Hi everyone!

im so excited to be part of this forum!


just posting for registration

Hello, looking to be more apart of the community.

Let me know how I'm doing...

I'm a new animator, and just posted my first project on YouTube...

'9 Reasons Ebooks Are Better (Than Tree Books)'

Looking for feedback, thoughts, comments before I tackle Episode 2. :eek:


I'm a new animator, and just posted my first project on YouTube...

'9 Reasons Ebooks Are Better (Than Tree Books)'

Looking for feedback, thoughts, comments before I tackle Episode 2. :eek:


You need to repeat this post in the "Animation Cafe" forum.


hello every one,,
i am interesting in animation works and need to learn more

What's happening?

Hello! Like everyone else here I like animation and illustration. Hoping to learn from you all


hi - looking to get the word out on my animation project:

looking to be more apart of the community.


Hi All,

I run an animation services company (ContentFlow Technologies - in India.

Look forward to interesting interactions.


about myself

After years of doing other 'things', I've decided to do what has always interested me..making animated films.

Animation Lover Request to Join!

Hi Dan! I'm writing for my new member reply. I love animation and think it is a wonderful visual medium unlike any other out there. The creative possibilities are LIMITLESS! I'd love to join the forum so I can connect with other animation lovers and chat :)