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Last post a animator.....mainly stop motion...emmm....:cool:


Hey. I am new to animation and looking forward to learning with everyone here.


Hi , my name is Csone and i like animations.. What made me like animations? i like how i can actually produce a video out of wat you ever dreamt of :)

I'm so glad to join here

I have been in this industry for 8 years, and I'm operating my own animation company now. Glad to know you guys


My name is Inna.
I am an animator from Brisbane. I started my carrier in 2D animation and moved to 3D animation 8 years ago. I am looking forward to be a part of the forum. :)


Hi. Griffilms are an animation studio from the UK.

Requesting to join

Hello, I would like to join this forum to show some of my animations for feedback, thanks.

Mechanical Ares

I am a stop motion addicted, cant get enough of puppets, sets, animation anything stop motion related really. I have been an active stop motion animator now for a few years and in my time i have been apart of some wonderful projects from CITV pilots to anti x factor music videos. last year i was able to have a little taste of a dream of mine, I directed a stop motion trailer based animation of H.G Wells War of the Worlds entitled SURGE
It was a fantastic project working with such amazing talented people and something i will always remember.
I am a Family man with two wonderful children and a wonderful wife who supports all by stop motion madness, this project -
came around because of my son Adam is a massive fan of jack Trelawnys books Kernowland.
I have studied very hard to be where i am today and i am always trying to create wonders with animation. :)


I'm an Account Assistant at north-west based CG Animation Studio; RealtimeUK in England. We are holding a CGi Presentation and Recruitment Day on 31st October at MediaCityUK in Manchester. Our Directors and Lead Artists will be there to talk you through the making of some of our best known projects and to offer a rare opportunity to get under the skin of how we work. Click the link below for more details and to sign up.

Sign up here

Start:12.30 Finish: 6pm.



Very excited to join this forum!

Hello, I'm new here :)


Hey everyone, I'm currently in grad school for visual development and looking forward to finding new information and tips to improve my skill set. Cheers!

I am replying!


I'm Mike from Toronto. I've wanted to be an animator or comic book artist since I was a kid, but haven't quite mastered the skills.


I a fiction writer looking to see my stories animated.

Hello new member

Hi, I'm a writer/director of animation from Australia. Looking to bounce ideas off other animation lovers and support each others work

Hello new member

Hello, I'm from Australia and I love animation! I want to collaborate and share my ideas with the world.

Why hello thar

I'm posting to get access to the forum.
On a different note, I love making movies.


hello , I have come here, in need for an animator.


I'm animation student trying to get advice and feedback :D

New Member in Design field

Hi, I am suresh from Jaipur, India. I am collecting information about ANimation institute and share my knowledge with world.

Hello everyone...who reads this..

im Brad Morden, I'm a poet working out of Ottawa, Canada. I've worked on a few animation projects, contributing music composition and text (spoken word poetry)
I am really interested in meeting animators that are interested in exploring 'cinepoems'.

Newbie here

Hello~! Happy to be apart of the forum :3


nothing much to say about me yet, hopefully there will be soon . i love the animation field and i am really determined.

Hello People!

Hello everyone, I have the most experience with writing narratives, lyrics and editing and producing audio:rolleyes: but I have been trying to learn animation and drawing techniques and it has been an incredibly slow process.

My goal is to be able to start a project and understand how to work on each and every aspect of it masterfully.

It's a weird goal but the desire to create ANYTHING at a given moment becomes overwhelming.

I also hope to collaborate with others as inclined as I am to make amazing entertainment across all mediums


This is awesome!!

Stupid books

Hi, I'm a new animator looking to post some of my videos.

My name is Jessica and I currently work as a lab tech in the biology department at Purdue University. I've been interested in animation ever since I was little and used it frequently as a learning tool when I was in college- I used to make animations of DNA/protein interactions and replication to help myself and my study group understand molecular biology concepts. Anyway, I am looking forward to being a part of the forum. I know I will learn a lot here :D


I'm in southern California, and graduated about a year ago. I'm looking to get my first foot in the door. I'd love to work as a storyboard artist someday.


Hi everyone, I'm a professional animator in the UK videogame industry, although my passion lies mostly in 2D drawn animation. Hoping to find discussion and inspiration here! :)

Andy's Animation

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hahaha.... I'm doing this just to get some information and become a contributing member of AWN forums. I google but I'm never able to reply. Today I decided to reply, hopefully this works today and I talk to some peoples today... Alright... lets get started. I'm super pumped

Hey. Just joined this website in the hopes that I'll find others to collaborate with on animations as well as meet people overall.

Visualarium is an online training site and from time to time we have training available that is relevant to storytelling and animation. I'm hoping to share some of that with this community when it's appropriate as well as make some new friends and learn some things myself. :)

New member here

Well hello there people

Tim Porter // Motion Designer


Hi there


I'm a student with a long running interest in animation but virtually no experience. :D Hoping to learn more about it here. :)


hello AWn users!

Oh yeah - I'm a recent animation graduate, looking to give and receive feedback on work. Really excited about joining, seems to be a lot of talent here! :cool:

Hi all.

Hello all

Hi everyone I'm new here!


Hello AWN, I've recently graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering. Back in high school, I was a part of the animation studio that we had. I took all of the animation courses that were offered. I learned so much about the fundamentals of animation; storytelling, storyboarding, character design, layout, software, principles of animation etc. I was determined to go off into college and study animation, however that dream was put aside when I knew I had to support my family and pursue a career they would appreciate and help them when I graduate. Here I am now, with sooo much free time compared to what I endured studying engineering, and that dream I once held is slowly coming back to me. So I look forward to making a few posts here and introduce my dream and take any advice from successful artists here.

Hi, I'm a complete novice to anything artistic and I want to learn how to animate. I have no goals of making it my job, I just want to be able to create something that I will enjoy.

Hi - new member to forums

Hi everyone, I'm not an animator but I collaborate with an animator for theatre productions (plus I love animation :) ) I've got some questions I hope members can help me with - cheers :)


I'm an aspiring animator and I joined this site to get information on how to achieve my goal. I read online that it helps to get a degree. I'm not sure whether to get bachelors or associates. I've always been interested in entertainment and I love to draw so I think animation would be a good career fit for me. If anyone can give me advice on how to go about turning this into a career that would be GREATLY appreciated.


Hello, my name is Joel. I'm building some animation software and am looking for feedback on it. Also, we've got a kickstarter going

Greetings everyone

I'm an art student whose been getting more involved in animating and music (more so animation) among other subjects and interest. Seeing how everybody is pretty old school on here as well as new school I figure this would be a good place to pick up and learn some 2D animation tricks since I'm unfamiliar with that process, all I've been working on is 3D material via After Effects and Apophysis and pretty soon Cinema 4D and Autodesk software. Hope to get as much advice and tips on my work here as well as constructive criticism.


I am interested in digital animation and animation tools.