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Ah, I'm a student who wants to improve.

Hello, I just joined AWN after completing my first animation and am looking for feedback on my work



Musician and animator

I am composer and musician and i make some my videoclips with animation sofware. I am beginer but i want to improve.

Hello everyone here at AWN Forums!

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I want some help in animation. Good day

Hey everyone. I'm a beginner at animation and hoping to showcase and get some feedback for my works here.

Hi Studio Mars in the House

Hi Just trying to touch base with other animators:D

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hi i have no idea what i am doing:eek:

Hello, i am a motion synthesis and motion analysis software deve


About Cian

My parents loved animation shows and scince they were born they always watched it and when I was in my mom's belly that was all I heard and growing up in that household nobody missed saturday morning cartoons and I would be fasinated by it at a young age. When I grew older like at 7/8 my father got me a program 'Scratch' that program was my life I used to create games,animations,math games everything you can imagine and I now realize that Scratch was programming,animation, and gaming was all in there and I was popular on their website people loved my username was 'mmmaaarrryyy' and if you search that name on google scratch willn come up. And now I am in the process of learning Modeling, 3D animation, 2D Animation, and Java the programs I will use is Maya 2013, 4D Studio and Toon Boom Studio. But the reason I am on here is I cannot learn how to use the programs I find it diffucult and I am willing to accept the help from others.

4rom Cian:cool:

little noob on planet animation


My name is Jordan, im a 1st year student at st clair college in the animation
program. I have joined this website to hopefully gain access to help for my animations along with other animators opinions on hardware and program help.

I have always loved and appreciated cartoons and animation since I was a little kid and am glad im in a field i can truly be comfortable in and work in every day.

Thank you

Hey all,

I'm new here, looking for some way to network better and get my foot into the animation door.

New Animation User

Hello. I'm from Winnipeg, Canada. Starting to use Toon Boom Studio. Have a story to animate. No timeline. Still hashing out the storyboards. ~m


Hello, I am a student in Animation right now!

I wanted to join this forum to get into discussion about animation. and life.. In general. Hopefully we can all be friends, and continue to debate and argue. Hahaha.

hi folks!

hello, my name is chris and i've love all things animation since my childhood in the 70's, i am presently in the begining stages of preparing my own stop motion projects.

Great to meet you all!


Hello there kids

Hello, I'm blakehutton. I'm a big fan of animation and I have a YouTube account too. I have joined this website to talk about animation and other stuff.

Hi folks

I'm very happy to join this board. Seeking for creative and inspiring exchange.

Talk to you soon


Hello everyone. I'm a newcomer. I am not yet an animator, however I would like to become one. I've come to AWN to learn from others and seek help. :) Thank you in advance.

I am a 2D computer animation student living in Edinburgh trying to gather some opinions from the community. Looking forward to talking to you all :)

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Hi, I'm here because someday I'd like to be an animator.

wow I can't believe I finally found a form on animation! :D super excited to get started!

-A ninja animator


I'm an animator who wants some good advice about my work.

New member

Animation fan who dabbles in drawing.

hello , I have got lots of work to do now:rolleyes:

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Merry Christmas Eve all! Just joining the forum to get some advice for school, work and all.

Have a good one!


Hi, I'm an animation student from Australia!

Hello! I am an fx artist

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I want to join the AWN forum!

I want to join the AWN forum!

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Hi I'm Vanessa! I'm an animation student at Cal State Northridge. I also work for Virtual Animators which is an online animation training program.


Hi Guys, I'm John wishing everyone a happy xmas and new year, i am actually from a web designer & app background but i am now getting into animation, I am really interested in meeting new people and making new contacts, I would really like to find out where all the meet up events are and the clubs are for animators to meet

Animation student from London

I love animation because it allows us to be creative and express and deliver our imaginations, thoughts and ideas into animation sequences to entertain, educate or influence the audience.

Creative Destruction

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Just joined

HI, I'm a newbie to animation. Looking to learn more via this forum.

The Mandatory Reply

Hello everyone. I'm here to offer voice and sound services to animators.

Hello :) I'm here in search of a mentor who can help me create an animation that will truly enhance my student film



Hi, just saying hello. It's 5.00 am, so I'll keep it short.

Regards from México

Hi, I´m a Méxican guy who wants to become an animator but has no idea of where is the best place to study. Came here for wisdom.

Hello from Cisco Kid

Eager to learn more about computer software animation.


My name is joe, ive decided recently to become a more professional animator and hone my skills so i might be able to make it as an actual professional, do commissions, and perhaps even work on paid projects, in general i want to make money off these skills, out of all my interests animating is above all, my most ideal dream job, or even side job.

Anyway, a while ago i had a video go viral on youtube, it got about 50K views, by which time surprisingly it said i had made $160, then i started looking around at all the established animators out their profiting off their work, like cyanide and happyness and sexual lobster (both on youtube), i realized, wow, theres allot of money to be made, and if theres one thing that motivates me, its money, im pretty demotivated, it takes quite a bit to get me going on anything, including animating.

Anyway, i decided to step up my game, i looked back at everything ive ever made, and all of it is garbage, in my eyes anyway, both animation and scripts were flawed, plus i rarely actually finished anything.

I decided, ok, im gonna try a bit harder, so i storyboarded my current project, and then made a bunch of parts sets for the characters, so as to no longer rely on framebyframe, but rather tween everything.

Immediately, i noticed it became easier to animate working off the storyboard, and though it looks weird, ive gotten good critique from my new tweened animation, though so far its just been hand gestures and such, still, my friends all say its good so it must be ok.

still, i know im nowhere near as good as i could be so im joining up here to get some much needed help, i used to think animation was just about being good at drawing and effects, but ive realized now, you need proper organisation and technique (project work flow ), to animate properly.

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I'm new here

Hey all, this is my first post. I am a student of animation, and looking forward to exploring the forum.

Hello everyone:) I am kaushal and looking forward to learn from you people

Hello everyone!!!

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Introducing myself.

This is chandan from India. I work in digital marketing in an e commerce company in India.

Hello, animator here looking to make it professionally.....


Hi everyone

Wanted to join this forum to submit animations we are working on for feedback and opinions!

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Haya.. Want download the X-Rumer 7.5.31 Elite
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Thanks you

Hello - I am a Professor of Animation Studies working in the UK


Hi everyone,

joining this forum because I'm 2D animation fan :)

hey frnds.......

m here to share nd gain sum knowledge frm u all.....